Lori Loughlin Asks Permission To Film In Canada: Is She Returning to ‘WCTH’?

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Hearties have been hoping that Lori Loughlin could return to When Calls The Heart to reprise her role as Abigail Stanton. Now, there is news that she has asked for permission to film in Canada. Could she be returning to Hope Valley?

Here is the latest news.

Lori Loughlin Has Requested Permission To Go To Canada To Work

On Friday, The Boston Herald reported that she has asked a federal judge for permission to go to Canada to work.

This is what the appeal says:

Ms. Loughlin has requested permission to travel to Canada for work-related purposes in anticipation of being offered a filming production project. The exact dates and location of travel are unknown at this time; however, Ms. Loughlin anticipates that she will be traveling for about one week in the middle of September or beginning of October.

Therefore, she is asking permission to go to Canada to film for a week in either September or October. Moreover, she needs a decision fast.

Ms. Loughlin’s acceptance of the offer is contingent on the Court’s authorization; therefore, Ms. Loughlin is requesting an expedited response.

When Calls The Heart mini-reunion with Lori Loughlin-https://www.instagram.com/p/CeFy3QBLU8n/
When Calls The Heart mini-reunion with Lori Loughlin-https://www.instagram.com/p/CeFy3QBLU8n/

Could Lori Loughlin Return To When Calls The Heart?

The news that Lori Loughlin may be filming again is exciting! However, we do not have any real hint of what she could be working on. Even knowing what city in Canada she is flying into could help narrow down the possibilities.

Of course, in September and October, When Calls The Heart is filming Season 10. They film in the Vancouver area. In addition, Hallmark is filming a cornucopia of Christmas movies. They mostly film in Vancouver, but also Winnipeg, and even Toronto.

As of now, there is no official word that Lori Loughlin is returning to Hallmark in any capacity. However, in July, Hallmark Now released four episodes of Garage Sale Mysteries.

This is significant as Hallmark deleted everything with Lori except the first five seasons, and a few episodes of When Calls The Heart Season 6. That means her mysteries and romcoms were removed after the college admissions scandal.

Now, they seem to be testing the water, and others have noticed. Alonso Duralde, the film critic for The Wrap revealed on Twitter his observation of how Hallmark has subtly brought Lori back.

Interesting that the Hallmark cable channels made a very big to-do of disappearing all their Lori Loughlin content when the scandal went down, but now they’re subtly reintroducing the Garage Sale Mysteries to their Hallmark Movies Now streaming service with minimal fanfare.

I wasn’t attached to any of her franchises (GSM, When Calls the Heart), and I didn’t think that her crime merited the removal of her content, I’m just fascinated how they’re testing the water for reinstating her shows/movies, whether or not they bring her back into the fold.

Is Hallmark “testing the water”?

There Was A Mini-When Calls The Heart Reunion

Back in May, Erin Krakow shared a beautiful photo of Lori, Ben Rosenbaum, and Pascale Hutton on Instagram. The quartet was enjoying dinner out together.

There is no doubt that the When Calls The Heart cast wants Lori back on the Hallmark series. Erin Krakow has been very open that this is her biggest wish.

Lori Loughlin Could Be Filming For Great American Family

There is always another possibility. Lori Loughlin could be asking permission to film in Canada for Great American Family, the new name for GAC Family.

Her first role after the scandal was portraying Abigail Stanton, but for the competing network for their When Hope Calls Christmas two-part movie.

Although it does not seem that the network is going to continue making When Hope Calls episodes, Loughlin could certainly star in a Christmas movie.

What would you like to see Lori Loughlin star in? Would you like her back on When Calls The Heart?

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