Will Paul Greene Return To ‘When Calls The Heart’ For Season 10?

When Calls The Heart Photo: Paul Greene Credit: ©2021 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Sven Boecker

Hearties have seen a lot of When Calls The Heart stars sharing photos that they were headed to Vancouver, where they film the Hallmark series.

Has Paul Greene shared one of these videos? This is the latest information that we have on Season 10 filming.

When Calls The Heart Stars Have Started Filming Season 10

Hallmark has started filming When Calls The Heart Season 10 for nearly two weeks now. They commenced on July 25.

Moreover, in the days prior to filming, many of the stars, such as Jack Wagner, shared photos traveling to Vancouver. In addition, Hyland Goodrich, who plays Little Jack, also shared some posts, making it clear he is returning to the series.

However, there has been very little BTS so far this season. Andrea Brooks did share a short post about filming in the heat, but she shared a selfie and she was not wearing her Dr. Faith Carter costume.

What do we know about Paul Greene? Has he posted any sort of photos from the British Columbia set?

When Calls The Heart Andrea Brooks-https://www.instagram.com/p/CgkmKoSPKXj/
When Calls The Heart Andrea Brooks-https://www.instagram.com/p/CgkmKoSPKXj/

Is Paul Greene Returning To When Calls The Heart?

Social media savvy Hearties have been waiting for more BTS photos from the When Calls The Heart cast and crew. However, Paul Greene has not been in any of these photos.

Instead, he and his fiancée, Kate Austin have shared Instagram photos together with their baby boy Austin. Moreover, he is now in Pasadena at Christmas Con, where he is meeting with fans and starring in a music concert with Alicia Witt.  

Paul Greene-https://www.instagram.com/p/CgXfXyLP3BX/
Paul Greene-https://www.instagram.com/p/CgXfXyLP3BX/

Will Dr. Carson Shepherd Return To Hope Valley?

Currently, neither Paul Greene nor anyone from When Calls The Heart has shared who is returning this season. Nor have they commented on the status of Paul Greene.

The last time Greene played Dr. Carson Shepherd was two years ago for WCTH Season 8. But, this does not mean he is definitely not back. He could be back for a shorter amount of episodes.

But, why is there a change? Speaking in 2021 on his podcast, The Grass Is Greener With Paul Greene, he talked about WCTH Season 9 with Chris McNally and at that time, he was not sure about his status with Season 9. He never was on that season.

Perhaps he is doubly uncertain for Season 10? He has not addressed the series, but there are a lot of changes now. 

Lindsay Sturman (Supergirl) is now the WCTH showrunner. Sturman has not publicly talked about the upcoming season. Moreover, former showrunner, John Tinker, had some plans for the series, such as a time jump, but that could be scrapped with the new leadership.

As for Paul Greene, there has to be a need for a second doctor in Hope Valley for Carson to return. Will they create a story that could warrant his return?

Hearties, would you like to see Paul Greene return to Hope Valley as Dr. Carson Shepherd?


Georgia Makitalo


  1. Yes, I believe his role is needed especially since he went away to be a surgeon. They could build a hospital in this area which is needed in the wild. The show could expand into this arena plus add more wonderful actor and actress. I would love to see Lori return. She did her penance it’s time to restore her. Come on Hallmark bring her back! We all liked her in her role! She was a strong matriarch.

    1. I would LOVE to see Lori return as well. (and Paul Greene!) BTW did you see that Garage Sale Murders are on Hallmark Now?

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