‘Days Of Our Lives’ Fans Get Loud, Start Boycott Petition

Days of Our Lives YouTube

With 58 Emmy Awards and the tag of NBC’s longest-running show, Days Of Our Lives has been a staple daytime soap opera for fans. However, after airing on NBC for 57 years, the show is now moving from NBC to its streaming service, Peacock.

The news of this move was first announced by Vulture on Wednesday. As per reports, the show will move from the broadcast network to its streaming service on September 12, which is a bit more than a month’s time. The empty time slot will be taken over by NBC’s News Daily the next month. So, how are fans feeling about the switch? Read on to find out more.

Days Of Our Lives Renewed For Season 58

Talking about the big move, Chairman of NBCUniversal Television and Streaming Mark Lazarus said, “This programming shift benefits both Peacock and NBC and is reflective of our broader strategy to utilize our portfolio to maximize reach and strengthen engagement with viewers.”


Days of Our Lives YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

“With a large percentage of the Days Of Our Lives audience already watching digitally, this move enables us to build the show’s loyal fanbase on streaming while simultaneously bolstering the network daytime offering with an urgent, live programming opportunity for partners and consumers,” he continued

Following its long-running success, the show has been officially renewed for Season 58. It will air in 2023 on Peacock and not NBC. Days Of Our Lives spin-off, Days Of Our Lives: Beyond Salem, is already streaming on Peacock. The show is now streaming Season 2, which premiered last month. It dropped one episode per day over the course of one week, with five episodes in total.

Days Of Our Lives: Beyond Salem Season 1 also had five episodes that were released back in September 2021 on Peacock.

Fans Do Not Want To Pay For Their Favorite NBC Show

However, this move of the fan-favorite show from the broadcast service to the streaming service wasn’t welcomed by fans. Furious fans also expressed their displeasure about having to pay for their favorite show. Although Peacock’s subscription is free, with past episodes of DOOL currently streaming free on the platform, fans suspect that the move will take it to Peacock Premium.

Days of Our Lives YouTube

In Peacock’s premium version, viewers can watch the initial few episodes for free, after which they need to pay to continue.

Fans took to Twitter to express their views on the decision as one commented,

“Hey, @peacockTV @nbc, there is no way anything you put on in place of Days of Our Lives will be as worth watching as it is. Not a talk show, game show, or news show. You could count on me to watch your network 5 days per week, year-round during the day. I’ll have zero motivation now.”

A second chimed in, “Too bad. I’ve been watching for 45 years, but I’m not getting Peacock.”

“I’m not a fan of this,” mentioned the third user.

A fourth expressed, “I don’t think it’s fair that it has to be paid for to watch even if it is minimal. Not happy. Won’t be watching anymore after September. In fact, I may as well just stop now.”

A fifth fan commented furiously, “Not a good move @nbcdays @NBCUniversal The older viewers (like myself) won’t stream it. Sad to see you don’t appreciate your loyal viewers who have kept you on the air all these years.”

“And they expect people to pay for a show they’ve been watching for free since the ’60s? I’m not buying into that,” mentioned another.

Fans Worried About The Future Of Days Of Our Lives

This major move comes when fans have been worried about the future of the show. Viewers have lately been noticing a pattern with the cast as many are leaving the show. Popular names such as Marci Miller, Sal Stowers, Lamon Archey, and Victoria Konefal have been written off from the show already. Yet, fans feel like there is more to come!

What are your feelings about Days Of Our Lives transitioning from NBC to Peacock? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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  1. Sorry. Not paying for Peacock Tv. Unless you want to put for free in app, you can say bye to a fan
    With some of the bad storylines , it’s just not worth a penny

    1. I started a petition, read here. maybe we get the bigwigs at NBC to put it on free peacock.

      1. I have been a Days of our Lives fans since I can remember I remember my mom watching it growing up as a kid so she got me hooked. Days of our lives the doctors in another world .

        The people I really feel sorry for the ones who are on fixed incomes you can’t afford cable satellite TV or streaming services . Or what about the elderly viewers? The faithful viewers all these years , who grew up on days of our lives. They look forward to that hour on a daily basis. There is a group of ladies at a local nursing home that eat lunch together and then head to the rec room to watch days of our lives . Once again they are on a fix-income, cannot afford cable , satellite tv or a streaming service or the facility that they might live in doesn’t have a streaming service. who are in the nursing home . and watch the TV show. Not all nursing homes offer streaming channels. Because the elderly don’t all know how to operate it and it’s easier for them just to push a button on the remote to get to the channel they want to go to it’s much easier for them. It just makes me wonder ifNBC even saw or cares about those faithful viewers all these years or if they thought more about dollar signs? It just seems like the faithful viewers are the ones who are getting punished along with the cast and crew because I believe you’re going to lose viewers if you keep this on Peacock and make people pay for it. People are going to be turning their channels off of NBC and are going to start watching ABC or CBS because they still have the afternoon soap operas m. Hats off to them!!! I applaud you ABC and VBS. Bad choice NBC m, bad choice!

      2. I am so upset that I can’t watch Days anymore. I’m 81 and have been watching since day one. I watched
        Another World and The Dr’s until they went away. When I got my first job I was able to record the show and catch up with the story either on my day off or on the weekend. Even when I went on vacation I would record it. Would like it if it was on regular Peacock.

        1. I have watched Days for over 50 years ,i am 86 yr’s old and miss it so much ,i can’t aford to pay to watch it. and it mostly the older women that watch it .please bring it back to globle Canada .

  2. This is a very bad move NBC Programming. How can loyal fans who don’t live in the US watch our beloved Days? Is it all about the money???? Not fair to those who kept this soap on for over 50 years. I am very disappointed.

  3. I am so totally sad and angry that NBC would do this to a loyal group of people that have watched this program for 65 years. I am 72 years old and gave watched this show since almost from the beginning. I am retired on a limited budget. I already pay for the cable for my tv pay again for the Wi-Fi……i can not afford to pay for another service and where I live the service is so bad that it sits and buffers almost continuously! I know that some people thinks it’s just easy to do but it’s not and I promise that there are many thousands that have this same problem in the USA. I will not watch NBC in the future if they do this!!! How damned much news do you think a person needs a day anyway???? Fire Mark Lazarus!!!!!!!

    1. Losing 3 generations of viewers with this decision. My Mother, my daughters, and myself have been watching since the show started, and after September, we won’t be paying Peacock to watch.

    2. I agree with everything you’ve said. I started watching with my Grandma when I was 5 & now it makes me feel close to her since she’s gone. that’s 43 years down the toilet. I’m done with NBC!!

    3. I totally agree. I have been watching Days for about 40 plus years. I hate the peacock channel so I dropped it. Really miss the show, but dealing with these idiots at peacock is not worth it.

    4. Well looks as though DOOL does not care about the supporters and fans that have been around for decades. They want to fill their pockets and let everyone down my household will no longer watch NBC or Peacock ever again. Greedy people Geeeez what a crock!

  4. They think they will force us to engage with their Peacock platform.
    We will not.
    Days Of Our Lives has aired for free for 57 years.
    It is a disgrace to treat fans as if we do not matter.. we are the ones responsible for making Days Of Our Lives the success that it is today.
    By moving it to Peacock you are robbing us of a show we have essentially invested 57 years worth of our time into and killing an iconic and beloved program the same as if you cancelled it.
    We will not allow that to happen.

  5. I am 63 and have been watching since I was a kid with my grandmother and am on SS and can’t afford to pay for streaming. I am paying outrageous prices just for satellite so I guess I am out of luck to.Not cool to do to senior citizens.

  6. Have already stopped recording show. This is absolutely ridiculous! MSNBC is for news and we definitely need a break from news not more of it.

  7. I will not be watching it starting September 12th. Good luck DAYS actors. I hope this won’t affect your jobs.

  8. Stopped watching a soon as this was announced. 50+ year viewer. The latest storylines are crap anyway. Who needs it?

  9. arched this show isn’t day one but will stop when it is taken off NBC. Do not get Peacock and will not pay for it. Hope many other fans feel the same way. You are loosing a lot of viewers and I hope it costs you millions of dollars. I still have my General Hospital at that time, don’t have to record them now. Time to stop watching all of NBC programs, just CBS and ABC.

  10. I have watched Days of Our Lives for years. I am losing interest as I don’t like all the gays and lesbians , also satanic portions. With Ben coming back as Alex, I can’t get interested in him in that role. I loved him as Ben. Why can’t a good story line be put out like it use to be. I don’t like the ideal of Gwen always being the loser.

    1. I agree, I don’t miss it at all, they need new writers. I completely don’t watch NBC now. I hate the Today show they are so biased. I watch general hospital and never have but you can get into it. To Bad DOOL. you made a wrong move.

      1. “Days” was my entertainment of the day. I could laugh at all of it and take my mind off all the sadness and pain in my life for an hour. I can’t justify having to pay for it, it should be free. whomever is in charge of programming needs to lighten up and get a sense of humor. Although I disagreed and didn’t watch when they decided to bring the devil possession back into it the rest is hilarious. The mad scientist that brings people back from the dead, the guys in drag and all the plotting and scheming . All funny.

  11. I will not be watching. It is sad for the older generation that have watched it and won’t be able to. No way will I ever pay to watch it. Thanks NBC!

  12. You don’t care about your fans. I will not pay to watch Days
    Paying for cable is enough
    Losing a longtime fan

  13. I’m 63 have watched for as long as i can remember. I’m on ss and cant afford to pay any more. I have no internet. I may boycott all nbc programing.

  14. What makes u think every one has access 2 streaming.Money is the root of all evil.Thanks NBC for selling out ur loyal viewers,the end of NBC!!

  15. This is horrible and outrageous. I am furious at the network I have watched most throughout my life which is now disenfranchising me and so many others. I am a Floridian residing in Canada, and Peacock is not available here. I dislike streaming services in general and think it a huge waste of $ to subscribe to the ever-growing roster of these things for only a couple of shows per service. Completely not worth it. That said, “Days” is not merely a soap: it is a constant in my life as no other viewing offering has been. I was a very sickly child in 1965, home alone, unable to breathe well or move from room to room. I discovered “Days” accidentally and watching it took my mind off my illness. Throughout the ensuing years, I watched or kept track when work hours didn’t always allow me to watch. When I was in high school, we all talked about each episode the following day. My kids watched when they were younger and so did their friends and classmates, discussing it just as we had. It’s a tradition and, as mentioned, a constant throughout. You have disheartened and disillusioned me. I ask that you reconsider this unacceptable move.

  16. I have been watching Days of Our lives for over 40 years. My daughter for over 30. I lost my job of over 17-1/2 years due to Covid and health issues. We are now both disabled. We have had to cancel many things as we can no longer afford them. We almost lost our home. DOOL is the one thing we could look forward to and it brought us a lot of happiness. It also helped us to forget about all of the unfortunate things currently happening to us and in our world. To replace it with yet another news show to keep focusing on all of that is terrible and negative instead of having something happy for people to enjoy is disgusting. We hate watching the news and shut it off for that reason. This is one of the only things we had in our day to let us escape reality and have a little enjoyment in our lives even if only for one hour.

  17. I am very disappointed with NBC’s decision to cancel DOOL . I Have been watching for
    30 plus years and am a senior citizen. We have enough increases in our living expenses
    without having to pay extra for a soap that has become a part of my everyday life. I will not
    be watching anything that is put in that slot. We have enough news programs and they don’t
    report the news correctly half of the time. I think NBC should rethink this move.

  18. I started watching Days when i was 19. I am now 72. You are now taking Days off NBC and putting it on station I have to pay extra for!! WHY!!!!! NO PEACOCK!!!?!?!!?

  19. This is Sooo Disgustingly Upsetting and a Great Big WTF! I Will Not Be Paying For Sad Ass Peacock! And Will Not be watch Anything on NBC! I Understand in this Stage of age of Life where everything is Streaming this Uploading and Tweeting that, it’s Soo Nice to Turn Off All That and Go Back to Old School and watch Basic Cable and to a Show that takes Your Mind Off this Dysfunctional Disturbing World that we are all living in. Where everyone one glued to there phones and We Don’t need anymore News there’s Never Good News it’s just all Upsetting things we have no control over and can’t change. Days Of Our Lives is an Awesome Show That I Love Sooo Much! Myself too is a Long Time Fan of 30 Years! Please Do Not Take Away Days Of Our Lives ❤️

  20. Have already stopped watching for the most part as soon as I heard about the change to Peacock. Just watching here and there hoping to at least find out who killed Abigail. That is all I cared about anymore anyway. Alot of the story lines anymore were really sickening and when they brought in even the idea of a threesome, I just couldn’t stomach it anymore. Seems like the least the writers could do for their fans is bring this murder mystery to a close. Clearly, I will NOT be watching on Peacock.

  21. Peacock ONLY works on Mac & Windows, NOT on a Linux computer system. You will be able to sign up, but because of Digital Rights Management issues, you will NOT be able to view a thing. They are fine taking your personal info, but not letting you do anything else if you are not using an operating system they feel is not mainstream.

    There are a lot m,ore Linux users out there than you may think. It works, and it’s free, and doesn’t resort to greed to get users like Peacock is doing. Be warned if you are using Linux, you will not be able to view anything on Peacock.

    When I learned Peacock was struggling to get new subscribers, I was worried that Days would move exclusively over to Peacock. I was right. Don’t be surprised if all their popular shows do the same thing. There’s already talk of the 10:00 NBC schedule being removed from the network lineup and handed over to local stations to fill. That tells you something.

    Don’t buy the BS of signing up for $1.99/month. Once you’re hooked, the price will go up and you’ll be paying more, which is their plan all along. Force people to subscribe by taking one of their most popular shows and putting it exlusively on a pay-for tier. No thanks.

    When Days first moved from NBC.com to Peacock for free, I tried to sign up just in case it was preempted on TV. Found out then it doesn’t work with Linux, so I had to contact them to delete my account. Now, even if I had Mac or Windows, I still wouldn’t play their game and sign up.

    Days has to be doing very well if they’re pulling this move, and not in danger of cancellation. You don’t put a low-rated show exclusively on a premium tier. That’s reserved for the most popular shows.

    If people sign up now because of this, it will only encourage Peacock to take away more of their TV shows from NBC in the hopes of making even more money because they are growing desperate. If this is how they care about long-time viewers, they don’t deserve to make more money.

  22. How does this change compare to the radio to tv thing decades ago? It doesn’t, that’s bull! This is about making more money by charging for something that should be free!! Goodbye Days.

  23. Pitiful always some A-hole that thinks they have a better way! I am sure they won’t be taping much longer! They must be DEMOCRATS! Not worried about getting kicked they’ve already have.

    1. Sorry you think this is political.. Not the Dems. Good to see Repubs and Dems agree for a change. If only NBC took a vote.

  24. I will miss Days of Our Lives as I have been a loyal watcher since it started although the show has been lame lately. It’s extortion on the part of NBC to force us to pay for Peacock to watch it so BITE ME NBC I’m not watching your network at all.

  25. I can’t afford to pay, I’m on Social Security and with things the way are now, with prices of everything going up I think all of this is ridiculous…nothing but greed anymore! I have watched Days for years, sad that I can’t continue.

  26. This could not be more wrong. NBC is a free network, has always been. How do they get off moving a show like this to PAY TV? As others have said, older people don’t always understand the streaming or even have computers! The world needs to stop running with the assumption that EVERYBODYY has a computer!!!

  27. I REFUSE to pay for Peacock! I’ve watched the show since I was a child with my mom. I’m 55 years old and I will not watch it after it moves to streaming. This is how NBC treats their loyal viewers? That is insane!

  28. I must echo the sentiments of every other senior on this thread. Peacock is horrible to watch. I’m not sure if it can be improved. Many seniors don’t have a grasp on technology, they can’t afford smart TVs, and they won’t pay for streaming. NBC is so woke but I’m afraid they are totally asleep on this issue. At 72, I will stop watching. What the world doesn’t need is another inaccurate news program. NBC just put the nails in the DOOL coffin. So sad on many levels.

  29. Do these networks all believe we are imbeciles?….they are testing the water doing this…the next thing you know you will have an a la carte menu to chose which shows you want to watch, paying for the supposed privilage. They always called it an Idiot Box…but do not fall into this trap. Boycott this into the ground.

  30. BYE BYE NBC! Like we need more disgusting news programs! I’ll move on to something else. What are you doing, making more room for medicare commercials?

  31. I have been watching Days of our lives for years I will not pay to watch it. I loved the show but I live on a limited income as a senior sorry you are moving to Peacock. You just don’t seem to care about your reliable viewer’s. Peacock a person has to pay for it. Cannot understand why you want to make this move.

  32. I am in my 70’s..and my 95 yr old mother & I have been watching DOOL from the beginning. And I watched it with my own children ! I feel it’s completely without conscience that DOOL would MOVE the program from regular tv channel 4, to a paid digital “streaming” service. ALOT of us ORIGINAL& ” older” viewers DO NOT HAVE NEWER “SMART” tv’s, that can DO “STREAMING” !! We’re just left in the dark, literally & DOOL didnt even have the decency & courtesy to FINISH the major storylines we have all been watching. They just LEFT US ALL HANGING !!!!!!!!! I AM VERY #EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED & ANGRY about this stupid, inconsiderate move … !

  33. I think what DOOL & NBC has done, moving to streaming… is SHAMEFUL.. & reprehensible & completely irresponsible &totally ” inconsiderate” of their original, older viewers who made their soap what it became in 56 years !

  34. Older faithful viewers 95, 73, & younger… in CA., dealing with fires, hurricane winds,..& flooding. This was our only pleasure & luxury ..amid the mess & problems going in the world.
    The majority of us do NOT have newer , “smart” tv”s capable of streaming, nor the income to purchase either. By randomly choosing to go digital & streaming.. Your company & executives have left us in the dark, & forgotten us ..& forgot that it was all of US , who made the show what it became. Its shameful & shows a lack of conscience on your part. And you didn’t have the decency to even finish the major storylines that we’ve all been watching…on top of it all.
    Shameful..all the way around.

  35. My mother and I (age 89) have been watching DOOL ever since I started watching in college 50 years ago. I have loved the fact that many of the characters have been on for all those years. However, recently with the ridiculous stories of EVERYONE returning from the dead due to Rolf’s medical shenanigans it has gotten totally bizarre. I also agree with others that have said the gay and lesbian storylines have become too much. Recently also, most of the younger characters parade around barely clothed as an obvious ploy to add sexual content. So many of the loved characters have left due to contract issues…maybe they could see the writing on the wall! I am so sick of all these streaming services that we are having to pay for in order to see shows we like. A soap opera of all things should not be one of them! After 50 years of watching I will sadly say goodbye to DOOL, but when I think about it, I can probably find something better to do for an hour of my life, maybe even read a book, take a walk or just be more productive. I’m sure I’ll miss it for awhile, but I’m sure I’ll adjust! Lol!

  36. What a crappy thing to do people! How dare you say that most of your fanbase streams. I’m sure most DOOL are seniors and don’t even know what streaming is. Go to hell NBC!

  37. I have been watching Days of our Lives since it 1st aired. I am now retired, on a fixed income and having to pay for cable TV, that is enough. Paying for Peacock, ain’t gonna happen. Sorry Days but I guess it is ggod-bye from me and a lot of older fans who have made your show over the years.

  38. I’ve watched DOOL for decades and now you’re going to demand that I pay to watch! How totally foolish you are! I just removed Peacock from my roku and both NBC and Fox will never see the light of day nor the dark of night on my tv again. KISS ME GOODBYE WHERE THE SUN DON’T SHINE. YOU ARE ALL DEAD TO ME!

  39. I just wanted to say thanks to NBC for freeing up my days. When I couldn’t watch every day I would record then binge watch or binge on DISH To Go. Because you have moved to a pay to view I will not be following you any more. I have been a viewer since 1979. I scheduled my college classes around your air time so I could watch Days of our Lives. You expect us to be loyal to you but I wonder where your loyalty is? Shame on corporate America. Viewership has to be declining for all media companies. Who in there right mind would pay for all these streaming services to watch anything? Just watched the EMMY awards last night. Didn’t recognize one show. I refuse to pay outrageous amounts of money to watch TV. Used to be FREE. I’ll take the ads. Let corporate America pay to advertise so the consumer can just watch and enjoy. Again Thanks for giving me my free time back. It will allow me to enjoy family and nature the way it was intended. Hope NBC drowns as a whole!

  40. I have been watching Days of our Lives for over 20 yrs and are upset with NBC!!!
    I will not be watching Days on Peacock which I can’t get. Good bye Days!!!!
    You have lost your loyal fan base and my friends and I are really upset.

  41. Well I’m mad about this but since they chose to get rid of us loyal fans for a long time I started watching general hospital. I’m sure I’ll catch up. I’m giving no ratings to NBC. All you offer is news , Rippa, news and Dr. Phil., Repeats of judge Judy. Bye bye ratings.

  42. Wife made the switch, after 30+ years of watching DOOL We have peacock, but sorry about your luck, she switched to B&B and GH. Gave up cable when local channel went to $100 a month. When we dropped them they started sending us “Add TV for just $50 a month”.

    NBC you will never miss your fans until they are gone and your trying to get them back!

  43. I have been a loyal DOOL watcher for over 30 years! They need to fire the head of NBC and all the exec’s that made this asinine decision! I will no longer even watch NBC, hope you lose so many viewers you go bankrupt and out of business! For you to try and brainwash people into thinking that streaming is the new wave of doing things, you are so very wrong and in two years streaming will be dead! No one wants more Bill’s to pay and we are not going to pay for what should be free. Senior citizens do not stream, nor do they need more Bill’s to pay, and they do not all have smart TV’s or computers to use! It is a total disgrace for you to treat loyal viewers like this and with no appreciation whatsoever! Remember it is the viewers who keep you in business. Since no one there at NBC has any common sense I hope you lose millions since you will be losing so many loyal viewers and NBC becomes a thing of the past! You are all a bunch of idiots with your heads in your ashes! Remember your company would not be in business, if it was not for your viewers!

  44. I’m very upset about Days going on peacock Its not fair we have to pay to watch our favorite soap. I have watched Days for many years and always looked forward to the next episode, I’m on a fixed income and every little more I have to pay is not fair. Whats next, increase price next year…nonsense. We already pay for cable TV…it’s crazy. I think you guys have lost a lot of viewers.

  45. NBC must blindly assume that everyone has a high-speed Internet connection capable of streaming Peacock video. In fact, some people still only have 56K dialup Internet through the phone line, which makes streaming video technically impossible at any price.

    I already spend many hours a day looking at a computer screen for work or informational reading. Why would I also want to watch TV programs that way?

  46. I was so sad to hear about Days leaving nbc. I have watched from day one. Bad move NBC. I’ll not be using Peacock pay. Why don’t you just put days on free peacock streaming

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