‘Below Deck Med’ Raygan Tyler’s Future In Jeopardy?

Below Deck Med Raygan Tyler's Future In Jeopardy? [YouTube]

Below Deck Med Season 7 newbie Raygan Tyler had a rough footing from the start. The new bosun hasn’t handled her position well. She admits that she’s grappling with the job. Her deck team doesn’t know what to do with themselves since she’s not good at leading them.

The other problem is that she takes a lot of breaks. Raygan was caught on a smoke break in the show’s premiere episode. The edits showed her yawning, sitting in the crew mess, or smoking a cigarette. As TV Shows Ace reported, fans trolled the new bosun for slacking off at her job.

Raygan Tyler Struggles At Job [YouTube]

Raygan Tyler received a stern warning

Below Deck Mediterranean fans already felt that Raygan had some big shoes to fill. She replaced Malia White, who is currently on a break from the show. Malia received her share of backlash for the way she handled Hannah Ferrier’s firing. She was blamed for reporting the former chief stew to Captain Sandy Yawn for having Valium and a CBD pen.

Speaking of Captain Sandy, she already warned Raygan about her leadership. She has noticed how the Below Deck Med newbie hasn’t directed her crew members. Also, she’s been handing her tasks to them. Raygan claims that she never had a job like this before. While she worked on boats, they were never as intense as working on a superyacht.

Captain Sandy Concerned About Raygan [YouTube]
In the recent episode, Sandy spoke to Raygan about her position. She felt that she was failing at her job. Mzi “Zee” Dempers already shared his concerns with Sandy. He knew what it was like to work with Malia in Season 6 of Below Deck Med. Zee felt that Raygan wasn’t living up to those standards.

Sandy warned Raygan and told her that she needs to step it up. She wants her to be more organized for the sake of the team. Unfortunately, the talk didn’t help. Due to Raygan’s inability to lead, Sandy hit the dolphin in the harbor in Malta.

Below Deck Med Season 7 spoiler: Will Raygan lose her job?

It’s not just Raygan’s deck team and Captain Sandy who have a problem with Raygan. Charter guests have also complained about her. On the first charter, the primary guests complained about Raygan for having a snippy attitude. They also noticed that she didn’t take out the water toys when they wanted to do activities.

Sandy hasn’t fired Raygan yet. However, she hinted that she had to make a decision soon. In a future episode of Below Deck Med, Raygan may get fired. A thread on Reddit posted back in May indicated that she doesn’t finish out the season.

Raygan Tyler Lost At Sea [YouTube]
Below Deck Med Season 6 alum Courtney Veale will join the cast as a deckhand. One of the deckhands could get promoted to bosun following Raygan’s firing. Do you think Raygan will get fired? Sound off below in the comment section.

New episodes of Below Deck Med Season 7 air on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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