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‘600-Lb. Life’ Dr. Now Reminds Fans To Book Him On Cameo

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It would be hard to imagine My 600-Lb. Life without Dr. Now. For 10 seasons, fans have really come to know and love the bariatric surgeon. And that’s exactly why he wants to remind fans that he’s available on Cameo now.

For a price, fans can request personalized videos and receive a shoutout from Dr. Now. Keep reading to learn more.

Dr. Now wants to connect with his fans on Cameo

My 600-Lb. Life fans love Dr. Now for a wide variety of reasons. But above all else, they genuinely believe that he has his patients’ best interests at heart. Now, those fans can purchase personalized messages from the doctor himself.

For $175, fans can ask for shoutouts, life advice, and more. The doctor is always happy to impart his wisdom to others. At the moment, it appears that there is a special rate going on and the price has dropped to $131. It’s a little pricey, but diehard My 600-Lb. Life fans might just jump at the opportunity to talk with the doctor.

“I am in Cameo for any message to your friend one love one birthday or any other occasion or just say hello,” Dr. Now captioned his Instagram post.

Dr. Now from Instagram
Dr. Now/Instagram

Will you be booking a Cameo with the doctor? Be sure to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments below. Share your ideas with other fans.

Is the TLC surgeon in need of financial assistance?

Many My 600-Lb. Life fans would be happy to get a Cameo from Dr. Now. However, some fans can’t help but wonder if the TLC doctor is actually hurting for money at the moment.

Rumor has it that TLC has parted ways with the doctor amid all the lawsuits the show received over the years. And if this is true, then the bariatric surgeon may not be able to afford the lifestyle he has become accustomed to.

In another Instagram post, Dr. Now revealed that he’s selling some of his artwork to interested fans. The art is actually quite good and many fans were actually surprised to see that Dr. Now is a talented artist. But even so, many fans couldn’t help but wonder if he is a little short on money these days. Advertising his Cameo page is adding fuel to these rumors.

My 600-Lb. Life from TLC
My 600-Lb. Life/TLC

But no matter what is actually going on with the bariatric surgeon, fans will be interested to see what happens with him next.

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