‘The View’ Talking Joy Behar Gets Cut Off During ‘Get Lit’ Segment

The View Talking Joy Behar Gets Cut Off During Get Lit Segment [The View | YouTube]

Joy Behar got cut off during a “Get Lit” segment on The View. The show immediately went to commercial as she was mid-sentence. Fans were puzzled as to why producers cut her off. Some of them took to social media to react to Thursday’s live broadcast.

In the past, there were various reasons as to why the show would cut to commercial breaks like if the hosts were arguing. Joy had the conversation going on Thursday during The View’s “Ladies Get Lit” segment. Apparently, she got a little too lit because she was interrupted during her talk.

This week, the hosts have been giving book recommendations to the viewers. Each one would share theirs at the end of the day. Joy Behar offered hers during Thursday’s show, but the producers cut her off before she could share her thoughts. Unfortunately, time ran out but fans weren’t happy.

The View Get Lit Segment [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]

Joy Behar abruptly interrupted

During the “Get Lit” segment, Joy Behar recommended Mark Seal’s book Leave the Gun, Take the Cannoli. It talks about the makings of the iconic 1972 film The Godfather. Since it’s not a controversial book, there was no reason to cut the host off.

Next, Joy recommended the next book, which was Maybe You Should Talk to Someone by psychotherapist Lori Gottlieb, which is also not controversial but yet helpful. Unfortunately, the segment ran overtime and the show had to cut into a commercial break.  The 79-year-old got abruptly cut off during the segment.

Joy Behar Shares Book Recommendations [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]
The View production team played the wrap-up music to inform her that she needed to end her conversation. It’s the same thing award shows do to the winners during their long speeches. Joy Behar was able to breeze through most of the conversation, but she still had to share how the viewers at home could win the books the hosts recommended this week.

However, the show didn’t care. The cameras panned away from Joy as she was still talking until it abruptly cut off the segment altogether. ABC switched over to a commercial break until airing the next segment.

Not a good week for The View?

Fans are already not happy with The View’s decisions this week. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, they were shocked to see Alyssa Farah Griffin in Meghan McCain’s seat. Some of them threatened to boycott the show, while others felt they should’ve gotten a head’s up.

Earlier this week, Joy Behar was called out for her bizarre behavior. It all started when she played a game with her fellow hosts and guest Michael Strahan. She didn’t look interested in playing the game. Joy stuck out her tongue and cracked dirty jokes during the family-friendly “$100,000 Pyramid” segment.

Joy Behar & Sara Haines Win [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]
She didn’t even care when she and Sara Haines were announced the winners. Joy Behar wanted to know what prize they got. Whoopi Goldberg informed her there was no prize. What are your thoughts on The View this week? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. How this show has stayed on all these years is a mystery to most.
    One sided views, put down to others, hate filled comments , nothing substantial.
    They have given a pass for why ? Money .

  2. Most irrelevant show on tv. Bunch of opinionated snobs that show no ability to research any fact..

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