‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Livid, Say Alex Trebek Rolling In His Grave

Jeopardy! Fans Livid, Say Alex Trebek Rolling In His Grave [Jeopardy | YouTube]

Jeopardy! fans are livid over the latest decision. As TV Shows Ace reported, the game show is keeping both Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik on as the permanent hosts after keeping fans in the dark. The long-awaited news came as a major disappointment. They were hoping that someone would be chosen as the new permanent host.

For much of Season 38, Ken and Mayim passed the baton back and forth. This led to increased tension and criticism between the dedicated fans. They often took notes on the hosts and their hosting styles. Read on to learn more about the outrage at the show’s decision.

Alex Trebek Rolling In His Grave? [Jeopardy | YouTube]
[Jeopardy | YouTube]

Who is replacing the late Alex Trebek?

Jeopardy! fans have placed their bets all season long. A majority of them wanted champ, Ken Jennings, to replace the late Alex Trebek. They felt that he was a natural successor to the legendary game show host. On Wednesday, July 27, the news broke that both Ken and Mayim will become the permanent hosts.

Jeopardy! producers already hinted they could need several hosts. They’re planning on expanding the show with new spinoffs. Fans had hoped that Buzzy Cohen would end up with one of those jobs. Both Ken and Mayim “signed deals” with the show to become the official replacements for Alex Trebek.

Ken Jennings & Mayim Bialik Permanent Jeopardy Hosts [Jeopardy | YouTube]
[Jeopardy | YouTube]
This comes amid the ongoing criticism about Mayim’s hosting ability. Fans called her out for slowing down the pace of the show. Ken has recently been in their crossfires as well. Like Mayim, fans noticed that he’s inconsistent when it comes to the show’s rules. The fans feel that the decision is an insult to Alex, who was all about following the rules.

Ken will return to Season 39 when it starts in September. He will host for four months, and then Mayim will take over “as much as she can” starting January 2023. She is still filming her Fox sitcom, Call Me Kat. The two will also host upcoming specials.

Jeopardy! fans don’t want two hosts

Since 1984, Alex Trebek hosted Jeopardy! game shows and specials before his passing in 2020. Prior to his debut, Art Fleming was the original host. At the time, Alex was the host of the kids’ game shows, Concentration and Classic Concentration. But, fans don’t want two hosts this time around.

  • “Wow talk about weak-willed…couldn’t make a decision?”
  • “How utterly disappointing…most fans preferred Ken, and made that KNOWN…but you ignored it.”
  • “Ken is THE only good host they’ve had since the passing of Alex Trebek. Somebody must realize this and make the correct decision.”
  • “Alex Trebek is officially rolling in his grave now that you have ruined a great institution.”


Other fans think Buzzy and LeVar Burton could’ve gotten one of the many positions if they needed more hosts. Overall, most of them don’t like the idea of two hosts. What are your thoughts on Jeopardy’s decision? Do you think it was the wrong call? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. I wonder if either Ken Jennings or Mayim Bialik could make themselves available to become the solo Jeopardy! host. Mayim’s other commitments have often been referenced, but Ken also has TV contracts to honor. Also, it is possible that neither of them wanted to be exclusive to Jeopardy!, preferring to keep busy with other projects.

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