‘American Pickers’ Frank Fritz Hit With Loss Days Before Stroke

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Seems like things aren’t going the right way for American Pickers star Frank Fritz. The former host recently suffered a medical crisis that was confirmed by his former co-host in the show, Mike Wolfe, last week on Instagram. The 58-year-old also requested fans to pray for Frank’s well-being.

American Pickers’ Frank Fritz Snubbed from Stepfather’s Will

However, this wasn’t the only crisis the reality show host had to deal with. As confirmed by The Sun, Frank’s stepfather passed away just days before he was hospitalized due to a heart stroke. He lost his stepfather, Richard Zirbes, on July 5, 2022. Adding to his list of woes, as revealed by probate court papers, his stepfather left him out of the will.

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As per Richard’s Last Will and Testament, created on March 22, 2021, his ‘friend’ Diann Bankson was dubbed the executor of the will. However, Diann was much more than Richard’s friend. She was Frank’s ex-fiancee, and they had an on-and-off relationship for decades.

According to the court papers, “I give all my tangible personal property and household effects not otherwise effectively disposed of, such as jewelry, clothing, automobiles, furniture, furnishings, gold and silver, books and pictures, including policies of insurance to Diann Bankson.”

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In case Diann didn’t survive him, her daughter would be the will’s executor. Further in the will, he explained that his biological son passed away before him. So, he had no surviving descendants.

Richard Zirbes Leaves Out Daughter From The Will

He does have a daughter, however, he didn’t leave his property in her name either. Richard cited reasons that she had remained aloof for far too long. In the will, he explained, “Since she has had little or no contact with me in recent years, and lives in California, and does not visit me, it is my expressed intention, desire, and direction that neither [my daughter] nor any of her descendants shall be entitled to any part whatsoever of my estate or any proceeds and/or assets of my estate.”

He ended with, “I sincerely wish them a happy life, I just wish they had taken the time to remain in contact with me.”

Frank’s Ex-Fiancee Diann Is The Will’s Executor

Diann has the complete right to sell or invest his personal or real property. She has already filed the papers to accept the position as the will’s executor. Despite the fact that Richard got married to Frank’s mother, Susan, in 1974, he didn’t mention Frank in his will. In 2013, Susan passed away while still married to Frank’s stepfather. She was 67 at the time of her death.

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The former host’s biological father, Bill, is alive and well, currently residing in Texas. Frank and Diann had an on-and-off relationship for years before it ended. Both accused one another of infidelity.

Did you like Frank’s stint on American Pickers as a host? Do you wish for him to come back? Finally, what do you think about these turn of events in his life? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!



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  1. WOWZAA what goes around comes around. Like an ol merry go round. Fritz gives him self fits trying to tie money down. Wants others to feel sorry for him. Good Luck Diann, you deserve it Fritz doesn’t.

  2. I believe Frank has enough charisma to hold his own TV show. I always enjoyed his character. He is a gentleman and I salute him.

  3. Sending Prayers I hope things well work out for you frank I really miss you on American Picker’s the show just isn’t the same without you. Hang in there frank I hope something will come up maybe getting a new show. 🙏

  4. Yes I really like Frank Fritz. He and mike were a perfect team. Kind of opposites but seemed great together.

  5. I miss Frank on American Pickers very much. He has a great sense of humor which offsets Mike Wolfe’s personality. I don’t watch the show anymore since Frank isn’t on it. I find it odd that Mike is the person who’s speaking on behalf of all of the health issues & now a Will that doesn’t include him. I’ve always felt that Mike thinks he’s better than Frank. The very best to you Frank; I will definitely keep you in my prayers. Miss seeing you!

  6. Hi Frank, I wish you well! You were always my favorite and the main reason I watched the pickers!!!! You rock, come back to all your loving fans!!!

  7. I’ve heard fritz is a arrogant prick in the real world and I didnt think he was much better on the show.

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