‘AGT’ Fans Say Simon Cowell Struggles With American Humor?

AGT Fans Say Simon Cowell Struggles With American Humor? [AGT | YouTube]

AGT fans think Simon Cowell struggles to understand American humor. They know that the Brit is harder on the contestants than his co-judges are. On the latest episode of the NBC talent competition, he kept turning down the comedy acts. Viewers have complained about the little airtime that’s given to comedic talent.

Most of them are clumped together. One segment showed that Simon turned down three in a row. It’s unclear if they performed back-to-back, but the music manager didn’t like their jokes. He grew bored and restless during the comedic acts.

Now, fans are wondering if Simon doesn’t understand American humor.

Simon Cowell Bored With Comedy Acts [AGT | YouTube]
[AGT | YouTube]

Simon Cowell turns down comedians

On Tuesday’s episode of America’s Got Talent, Gina Stahl-Haven was one of the comedians hoping to get her big break. Of course, as most standup acts know, comedy is very subjective. Some may find you funny, while others may not.

Simon Cowell was already bored in tears by her stand-up act. He called her “robotic” despite getting three yeses from Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, and Sofia Vergara. Howie and Sofia already know what it takes to be a gifted comedian. They’re both known for their comedic timing, onstage persona, and unique sense of humor.

Grumpy Simon Cowell Cracks Smile [AGT | YouTube]
[AGT | YouTube]
Kim Evey was the next comedian. Simon Cowell claims that “something didn’t quite click” with her comedy. However, Sofia was into it, and she didn’t care what the music manager said.

The last comedian to round out the acts was Don McMillian. He added a unique “twist” to his standup routine by using a Venn Diagram to explain the differences between dorks, geeks, nerds, and stalkers. He also showed his chart about the pros and cons of popping popcorn. Don made sure to add some humor to his act.

However, Simon Cowell grew tired by the third act. His fellow judges found Don’s act to be unique. They gave him three yeses. Simon gave the last comedian a “No,” as he did with the two others.

Is the AGT judge a Grinch?

Some AGT fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts on Simon Cowell’s three “Nos” to the comedic acts. One called him a “Grinch.” They noticed that he looked grumpy most of the night, and not just with the comedians. A second called him a “party killer.” But, a third wondered if Simon even understood American comedy.

  • “Oh, so Simon’s the grinch now instead of howie? what has the world gone into?”
  • “Simon is a party killer.”
  • “How does @SimonCowell not get American humor after all this time?”
  • “Simon seems to be a sh*tty mood tonight!”

What are your thoughts? Did you like the comedy acts? Do you think Simon Cowell was in a bad mood? Or, do you think he doesn’t understand American humor? Sound off below in the comment section.

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