AGT Simon Cowell Rolls Eyes Before Pole Dancer Proves Him Wrong? [AGT | YouTube]

‘AGT’ Simon Cowell Rolls Eyes Before Pole Dancer Proves Him Wrong?

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Simon Cowell rolled his eyes at a pole dancer who proved him wrong. In the latest episode of America’s Got Talent, Kristy Sellars put him in his place. Simon was already bored from the first moment she took to the stage. The British judge became known over the years for his harsh criticism of the performers.

However, there are moments when Simon gets intimidated by the talent. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, there was a little girl with an angel’s face and the voice of the devil who spooked him out. But, Simon was unamused when Kristy Sellars took to the NBC show stage to show off her pole dancing skills.

Simon Cowell Is Not Interested [AGT | YouTube]
[AGT | YouTube]

Kristy Sellars proves Simon Cowell wrong

The mom of three has a surprise pole dancing talent. However, Simon Cowell called her skills “pointless.” He looked bored as he sat back in his chair. Simon immediately rolled his eyes the moment Kristy started her performance. She proved him wrong by giving the best pole dancing performance on AGT.

Simon Cowell Looks Unimpressed [AGT | YouTube]
[AGT | YouTube]
Through a combination of storytelling and artistry, she used the animated backdrop to help tell her story. Kristy performed impressive acrobatics on the pole. When she finished her performance, the audience cheered for her. Simon Cowell had a big smile on his face as his co-judges gave her a standing ovation.

Check out Kristy’s incredible pole dancing audition in the video below.

Simon Cowell admitted that he wasn’t initially ready to watch another pole dancer on AGT. They never went far on the show. However, Kristy’s performance had him in amazement. All four judges said yes to the Australian-based dancer.

Fans slam critical AGT judge

Simon Cowell was called out on Twitter. Some fans slammed him for judging Kristy’s skills before she performed.

“Lots of us know Simon is a good talent finder and I give him credit for sure but I don’t understand why he’s still giving a hard time to some clients by his body language or his speech before they started, even though Simon got surprised many times after he underestimated some clients before they perform,” one fan noted.

Simon Cowell Has A Change Of Heart [AGT | YouTube]
[AGT | YouTube]
Another noticed that Simon Cowell’s eye roll was similar to the moment when he reacted to Susan Boyle on Britain’s Got Talent. During her iconic audition, the judges had no idea that she had the voice of an angel. They immediately judged her by her appearance. She turned out to be one of the best-selling acts from that franchise.

Other fans applauded Kristy’s performance. They applauded her for shutting Simon Cowell down. One fan wrote, “She ‘shut’ Simon up with that amazing performance. Beautiful and very creative. 🤗👍🤗.”

What are your thoughts on Kristy’s audition? Do you think she deserves to be part of AGT Season 17? Sound off below in the comment section.

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