Fans Accuse Savannah Chrisley Of Being ‘All Plastic’

Like father, like daughter! Chrisley Knows Best star Savannah Chrisley has admitted to following her father Todd Chrisley’s footsteps, given his love for cosmetic surgery. Although the 24-year-old did admit to getting a nose job, she never confirmed getting any fillers or Botox injections.

Fans Claim Savannah Chrisley Is ‘All Plastic’

In her latest Instagram post, fans accuse the reality star of being all plastic. But is it true? Has Savannah Chrisley undergone major cosmetic surgeries to change her appearance? Let us find out about the cosmetic surgeries she has undergone to date.

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The Sassy by Savannah owner posted on Instagram promoting new products from her makeup line. She captioned the post, “Can’t be stopped. That @sassybysavannah essential eye and face palette GLOW.”

While most fans admired how pretty the reality star looked in the boomerang clip, some pointed out that she is all plastic.

Selling Sunset star Christine Quinn commented on the post, “My girl is so pretty.”

One user immediately replied to the comment with, “Because it’s all plastic.”

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“She can thank her Botox and plastic surgeons. Don’t be so damn naïve,” they continued.

Another commented, “Stop with the facial surgeries.”

Did Savannah Chrisley Get Breast Implants?

While father Todd Chrisley has been very vocal about his cosmetic surgeries, the Sharknado 4 star has been hush-hush about changing her appearance. The reality star has only admitted to having her nose altered surgically.

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In November 2018, the TV star responded to rumors about getting a breast implant in an Instagram Q&A. A fan asked, “Why did you get implants?”

To which the Sassy by Savannah owner replied, “Girl… come on now… God and too much food gave me these boobs,”

“No implants… now nose job? Yes, that did happen, in case you were wondering.”

Yet, the Growing Up Chrisley star refrained from talking about having any other cosmetic or Botox procedures.

Sharknado 4 Star Talks About Struggles With Endometriosis

Apart from the cosmetic procedure, the reality star also mentioned that she had medical surgery to help with her struggles with endometriosis. It is a medical condition that causes the tissue that lines the uterus to grow outside of it, causing painful periods along with other health issues.

Savannah Chrisley YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

In the past, the sassy Chrisley daughter has talked about her struggles with weight loss due to endometriosis. She even shared with fans that she wishes to freeze her eggs.

Fans aren’t convinced that the only cosmetic procedure she has had is a nose job. While some claim that she looks different due to multiple facial procedures, others suggest that her face has changed so much due to weight loss and age. Some fans also note that the makeup brand owner looks different as she wears a lot more makeup than before, which is plausible reasoning.

Do you think Savannah Chrisley has had more than just a nose job? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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