Calendar Chaos For ‘Jeopardy!’ Fans, What Big Blunders Now?

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No, it isn’t Mayim Bialik this time! Although the Jeopardy! host has made it to the headlines for botched hosting efforts, this time, she is staying away from the limelight. Rather, it is the production team that is under scrutiny for a snafu. In the past, they have been called out on several occasions for their on-air spelling errors. To be fair, production has a lot on its plate.


With Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings sharing hosting duties, the production team had tried their best to take the show back to its legendary status when Alex Trebek was the host. After Trebek’s tragic 2020 passing, the show has had a fleet of guest hosts in Season 37, including former executive producer Mike Richards. So, what big blunder has production in hot water? Read on to find out more.

Jeopardy! Fan Regrets A Defective Merchandise Purchase

Okay, so this is a totally different kind of production. While fans patiently wait for an official announcement, one talked about a bad buy that has left them questioning the show’s merchandise quality and lack of attention to detail. The fan took to Reddit to showcase the defective product. They purchased the game show’s official 2022 Daily Calendar, and as they flipped through the pages, they caught on to something that made no sense.

On the forum, the buyer wrote, “Jeopardy daily calendar mistake for July 16? Holly Hunter reprised her role as Elasticgirl in this sequel. The answer according to the calendar? The Incredibles.”


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[Source: Reddit]

Other fans agreed with the OP’s post stating that the answer to the trivia in the calendar is incorrect.

One Redditor noted, “Yes, it should be Incredibles 2.”

“Or the answer should have been phrased as ‘in the sequel to this movie,” suggested another.

A couple of other fans also agreed that the answer to the trivia should have been The Incredibles 2.

A third fan chimed in, “Yes! That’s what I thought it should be too.”

A fourth fan took offense to the page’s designated ‘category,’ stating, “Also….CARTOON FEMALES?”

“Totally Incredibles 2. Boy, I really hope somebody got fired for that blunder,” wished another.

Fans Compare Two Jeopardy! Spelling Fallacies

This Jeopardy! calendar chaos, even if minor, is another blunder by the game show’s team after a series of spelling mess-ups.

On the game show’s July 18 episode, hosted by Ken Jennings after a long hiatus, contestant Erica Weiner-Amachi wrote a response to a trivia that many viewers thought was obscure. Ken read the clue, “Asked to design a new set for a re-staging of this 1952 play, Alberto Giacometti came up with one scraggly plaster tree.”

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[Source: YouTube]

The contestant scribbled what looked like the expected answer. It read, ‘Waiting for Godot,’ although the last word was off trail. Regardless, the host accepted it as the correct answer.

Jeopardy! YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

As reported by The Sun, fans also recalled another controversial Jeopardy! episode that aired on June 18 hosted by Mayim Bialik. During the show, contestant Sadie Goldberger lost in the Final Jeopardy! round as her response ‘Harriet Tubman’ was deemed as false after the judges thought the penmanship was indecipherable.

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[Source: YouTube]

Comparing the two incidents, a fan commented, “Jeopardy, this didn’t count, but then this one did??”

The incident robbed Sadie of a big win that could have got her $17,300, which the fans thought was an unfortunate mistake on the maker’s part. It’s unclear if the question writers are the same for both the show and calendar but either way, details matter.

What do you think of Jeopardy! production team’s latest spelling blunder? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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