‘Sister Wives’ Season 17 Focus On Christine & Kody Brown Mess?

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A premiere date for Season 17 of Sister Wives has finally been revealed. Fans only have to wait until September 11 to see the beloved Brown family again. However, from the small teaser TLC released yesterday, it appeared that the focus will be on just one thing.

A Sister Wives Marriage In Shambles

Season 16 left off with Christine Brown packing up all of her husband Kody’s belongings. She then placed them in the basement without his knowledge. He was dumbfounded when he came by and found all of his stuff labeled and removed from the actual home she lived in. Now, fans already knew the couple’s twenty-plus-year marriage was over. She released a statement via her Instagram in early November 2021 that she had decided to leave. Kody quickly followed suit with a similar statement.

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Christine had moved back to Utah which was where she wanted to go when the family decided to leave Las Vegas. Though Kody had given her some false hope that this could be a possibility, it was never really an option. They had been having a lot of problems for a long time, some behind the scenes, some in front of the camera. He never really heard her but it only mounted when the pandemic hit. Kody made very strict protocols that each wife and child were expected to follow. Unfortunately for Christine, she had children in other states and knew she could not be apart from them for that long.

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Kody felt she was being irresponsible for traveling and living her life so he would rarely visit. In the end, he took the intimacy away from their marriage and that was a breaking point for Christine. By the time of the Sister Wives Season 16 tell-all, she deemed them divorced. Fans wondered how this would play into the upcoming season. It appears everyone is about to find out based on the teaser which told a big story in a little clip.

All About Kody And Christine?

Based on the snippet from TLC’s Instagram, the focus of Season 17 will be all about the demise of Christine and Kody’s marriage. The series initially started out with three wedding rings on the log to represent each wife. When Robyn joined, they added a ring. Now, at the end of the ten-second preview, a ring drops off. It is presumed to be Christine’s since she is the one who has officially left the Brown family. Yes, there are rumors about Meri and Janelle making their exits but nothing has been confirmed.

Though fans know Christine is gone and living her best life in Utah with her kids and granddaughter, Avalon, how will this work? Most likely, Sister Wives will pick up where it left off. The seasons tend to be about a year behind so the actual decision to end the marriage will be shown this season. Additionally, Christine’s choice to leave Flagstaff for Utah will also be played out.

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Seeing how the families adapt to her leaving, Kody losing a wife, and possibly the press reactions could be shown. Will he try to get her to stay and did she even contemplate it? There are a lot of questions and how does the family feel about her being close to Janelle still? As for her current filming, some have said this is for a time jump. It might just be stock footage for Season 18.

All of these questions will be answered when Season 17 of Sister Wives premieres on September 11 on TLC.



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