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Will ‘Sister Wives’ Season 17 See A Significant Time Jump?

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Season 17 of Sister Wives has been filming for some time now. As fans eagerly await a premiere date announcement, there are some questions. Usually, the show is about a year or so behind. However, Mykelti Padron was recently seen filming. So, does that mean the show will be more current than ever before?

Where Sister Wives Last Left Off

When Season 16 ended, viewers saw the demise of Kody and Christine’s twenty-plus-year marriage. It was the beginning of 2021 and the family was just starting to safely gather. A bunch of things had just happened that seriously affected the Browns. At the end of 2020, they all chose to quarantine so they could finally have a holiday as one. Sadly, Janelle’s mother passed away. Kody was emphatic that no one really attend to maintain safety. Upon he and Janelle returning, they got tested for Covid and came back negative. Christmas happened but a dark cloud loomed over the family.

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They went on to celebrate Ariella’s birthday but soon discovered that Robyn’s nanny had caught Covid so everyone had been exposed. Then, Christine and Kody finally had the talk they needed to have for so long. He officially withdrew the intimacy from their marriage. Therefore, she packed up all of his stuff, and by the tell-all, they were divorced. The announcement about their marriage ending came out prior to the season beginning so many fans tuned in to watch it play out. No one knew what to expect from a new season.

A Hop, Skip, And A Time Jump?

Another thing that occurred in Season 16 was that Christine’s daughter, Mykelti revealed that she was expecting her first baby. They only showed the baby shower, never the birth. Now, she is pregnant with twins, and her baby Avalon is over one year old. Recently, she shared that she was on her way to Flagstaff to film. Now, she did not say exactly what she was filming for but it is presumed that she was filming for the new season of Sister Wives. Either the show is filming a lot of content or TLC has heard fans who are tired of the series being so behind.

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Last season, it was still heavy into the pandemic. Fans have been waiting for the show to finally get current as so much has transpired in real-time. How they will end up playing this out is anybody’s guess. More so, how Christine will be incorporated since she now lives in Utah is also up in the air. They may just do a reflective episode that brings the series to the here and now. As to when Season 17 will premiere, it typically goes seven months to a year between seasons. This could mean anywhere from September to November.

Are you excited for Sister Wives to return and would you like a time jump? Let us know in the comments below.


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