Confirmed ‘Sister Wives’ Kody Brown & Wives Filming Season 17

Kody Brown Credit: TLC

Sister Wives is currently in the middle of a very interesting season. The pandemic is still a heavy subject while Kody Brown’s allegiance to his wives is being questioned. At the same time, viewers are watching the beginning of the end for Christine. In a preview for Sunday’s episode, Kody tells her he no longer wants an intimate marriage. Therefore, she packs up all of his belongings from her Flagstaff home and leaves them in the garage. This left fans wondering if there would be a Season 17 and, if so, who would be on it. Yes, the show will be back, and here is what is known about the season currently filming.

Kody Brown Angers Fans During Season 16

It is hard to believe viewers could get any more frustrated with Brown patriarch, Kody than they have in the past. Yet he somehow set a new bar this season, currently airing on TLC. The father of eighteen made such stringent pandemic rules, he alienated himself from three of his wives. In doing so, he created a mass amount of anger from several children, which came out in various episodes.

Who Did Kody Brown Contract COVID From? [Screenshot: TLC]
[Screenshot | TLC]
It began when he refused to accompany his daughter, Ysabel to her scoliosis surgery in New Jersey. Though she tried to reverse the curvature, she was in constant unbearable pain. Kody was not spending much time at Christine’s home so he was unaware of just how much his daughter was suffering. He asked her to postpone the surgery due to the pandemic but it was too dire. Then he did not go with Ysabel, Christine, and her siblings because he felt it was too long to be away. This broke Ysabel.

Credit: Janelle Brown IG

Gabriel and Garrison are two of his sons with Janelle. They think their father’s approach to COVID is way off base. He has not reached out to have a real conversation with them, deeming them too social because they work and go to school. Kody told Janelle to throw them out of her home to eliminate any risk they may pose but she refused as her kids come first. His marriages are in shambles with the only one seemingly succeeding being with Robyn. So, what can be expected from a Season 17?

What’s Next For The Series?

As The Hollywood Gossip pointed out, this is fairly early for the show to be renewed. Rather, it is early for the announcement to come out. Usually, a season will conclude and then weeks or months will go by before Sister Wives has been renewed. Yet, the series is still airing and the cast has confirmed its return. Kody Brown’s wives Meri and Robyn did a live video together. There, they shared they were currently filming Season 17.

Credit: TLC

Of course, with Christine back in Utah, the big question was if she would be returning. Her son, Paedon confirmed on TikTok that they were filming, as well. Now, some viewers may question how this might work and THG has some theories that are all plausible. One is that Season 17 is actually a continuation of what is being aired now. The show is a year behind, just hitting January 2021 so theoretically, they could split the season into two parts.

Christine Brown Credit: Christine Brown IG
Credit: Christine Brown IG

If that is not the case, viewers would love to see how the family adapts to Christine’s absence. She is still very close with Janelle and always has said how much she adores her kids. One final idea was the split is all scripted but that seems pretty far-fetched as Christine appears beyond happy. In the end, expect a new season by the end of this year.

Are you excited for Season 17 and how do you expect it to play out? Let us know and watch Sister Wives every Sunday on TLC.

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  1. I really feel like Sister Wives should not be on TLC let alone on TV. I think Kody Brown is a control freak. Very sick person and should be put in Jail. All he does is live off people watching his show. What control does he have over these nice women he nothing to look at. He has 4 wives because he sick. Why is this man not in Jail? Someone needs to step up and end this luck him up.

  2. Kody and Robyn are both scamers they speak blah all lies Meri is really dumb or she’s just playing their games Kody and Robyn no one in that family should believe those two
    Hell yeah his kids not even acknowledge Kody just like he don’t Rachel r to look for his kids except Robyn’s Janelle stick by your kids keep moving Christiane if you did leave ass good keep moving do what’s right for you and kids no intimacy no marriage Kody why do you look in disbelief Christine packed your stuff your treating her like you treat Meri asss

  3. The new season should be called “Kody is such as ass”. All he had to do was ask himself if he’d have gone to the east coast with Robyn and one of her kids for a surgery. We all know the answer. I would NEVER forgive his sorry arse if I were Ysabel. He is an insufferable ass.

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