‘Sister Wives’ Is Christine Brown Filming Next Season?

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Christine Brown has officially left Kody, Flagstaff, and Coyote Pass behind. She has started a fresh new life in Utah and has never looked happier or glowed more. Yet many viewers are wondering if the former third wife will be back for Season 17. Currently, in production, the show is titled Sister Wives so why would Christine even feel the need to return? So, is she coming back? Her son, Paedon answered the burning question.

Christine Brown- Sister Wife No Longer

In the preview for next week’s episode, Kody tells Christine he no longer wants an intimate marriage with her. Though Christine had been saying the marriage was struggling for some time, she was also adamant about moving back to Utah. When the wives and Kody went to choose their Coyote Pass lots, Christine shared she was just putting on a happy face. In reality, she could care less where she was placed as it was not giving her any joy.

Christine Brown and Kody Brown via YouTube 1
Christine Brown and Kody Brown via YouTube 1

However, the real blow came to her when Kody ended their intimacy. He has already friend-zoned his first wife, Meri, and is struggling with Janelle. Both Janelle and Christine have been accused of traveling too much during the pandemic. Furthermore, Kody believes their rules are too lenient leading to possible exposure in the family. He maintains he is the one putting himself at risk by going from home to home. Therefore, he mainly stays with Robyn as she is the obedient wife.

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Though Janelle and Christine headed to Utah for Thanksgiving, everyone did their part so they could be together on Christmas. Sadly, Kody will soon find all of his stuff packed and in the garage at Christine’s next week after she deems the marriage over. In November of 2021, she officially left Kody and has since been living it up in Utah. She bought a 1.1 million dollar duplex and has been making so many memories with her kids. Christine has also been savoring time with her granddaughter, Avalon. So, will she return for Season 17 which is currently filming?

Who Is Returning?

Meri and Robyn confirmed they were filming Season 17 of Sister Wives. Since the two have been following Kody’s strict rules, they can now hang out. They even celebrated Thanksgiving 2020 together as the two loyal wives. Meri has said despite her relationship with Kody, or lack thereof, she is staying with the family. Janelle is seemingly dedicated to finding a way to rebuild yet Christine is gone. She and Janelle are in an MLM business together along with daughter, Maddie. Yet, that does not mean Christine has an obligation to film anymore.

Christine Brown
[Credit: Christine Brown/Instagram]
According to The Sun, Christine Brown’s son, Paedon is answering the burning question. He went on TikTok and fans were dying to know his mom’s status on the show. “Will your mom return if there’s another season of Sister Wives?”one of his follower’s asked. To that, Paedon replied: “They are filming currently.”

Paedon Brown
Paedon Brown/Instagram

Now, whether he means “they” as in the rest of the family is yet to be seen. It is likely viewers want to see how everyone is adjusting to Christine being gone. More so, they want to see Christine’s continued journey and interactions with the family despite the distance.

Are you surprised she is coming back for another season? Let us know and watch Sister Wives every Sunday on TLC.



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