Cheryl Burke from Instagram

AJ McLean Wishes Cheryl Burke The Best Amid Ongoing Divorce

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AJ McLean and Cheryl Burke competed together on Dancing With The Stars Season 29. Although they didn’t make it to the finale, they definitely resonated with a lot of fans. Battling addiction is never easy, but the pair bonded over their struggles and developed a life-long friendship.

During her marriage, Cheryl said she heavily depended on her husband Matthew Lawerence for help in her sobriety. But now that they’re getting a divorce, things may not be so easy. Above everything else, AJ McLean just wants the best for his friend during her time of need.

Cheryl Burke has a lot of support as she navigates her latest chapter

Many Dancing With The Stars contestants go on to forge strong bonds with their pro partners. But many fans agree that Cheryl Burke and AJ McLean have a bond unlike any other.

“She’s gonna be my ride or die homie forever … She always knows that she can pick up the phone and call me anytime — any day, doesn’t matter when,” the Backstreet Boy told Us Weekly. “And she just knows that, obviously, the only way around [divorce] is through, and this is something that she has to go through right now, unfortunately.”

Cheryl Burke from Instagram
Cheryl Burke/Instagram

“[Cheryl is] an absolute sweetheart and, obviously, she’s a different person off the show — she’s not in that competition mode. She’s just chill … She’s just an awesome human being,” the 44-year-old singer continued. “Hopefully, her and her ex-husband will be amicable and they can, obviously, stay friends. Who knows what the future holds.”

McLean added that Cheryl is doing quite well, all things considered. She has her own podcast now exploring her dating life. And according to the dancer herself, she’s ready to get back in the saddle.

The DWTS pro won’t let her divorce defeat her

Divorce is never easy and Cheryl Burke definitely didn’t make the decision to divorce Matthew Lawrence lightly. According to the dancer, they even tried couples counseling before throwing in the towel. But Cheryl is determined to find love again someday.

“I am open to definitely starting to date, slowly but surely,” the 38-year-old dancer said on an episode of her podcast. “However, not so sure yet about these dating apps, but I think that might be the only way because I have left my house a few times and it’s not that easy to meet people, right. So, we’ll see what happens.”

Cheryl Burke from Instagram
Cheryl Burke/Instagram

She hasn’t officially said whether or not she plans to join DWTS this fall, but it seems likely at this point. And the newest season will be here very soon.

Love Dancing With The Stars? Season 31 isn’t far away. Keep following TV Shows Ace online to keep up with the latest on Cheryl Burke and the other pro dancers. There will be a lot more to share as the premiere date creeps closer, so stay tuned for more!

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