Will Cheryl Burke Love Again After Her Split With Matthew Lawrence?

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Finding love is never easy. And after a divorce, it can be difficult to discover love and adventure again. Now that Dancing With The Stars pro Cheryl Burke and her husband Matthew Lawrence have split up, what lies ahead? Will Cheryl hit the dating scene any time soon?

Keep reading to see what the 38-year-old dancer had to say.

Cheryl Burke’s new podcast details her dating after divorce

Cheryl Burke definitely had a hard time with her split from Matthew Lawrence. But she’s not letting it keep her down. In fact, she has a brand new podcast entitled, Burke In The Game. Fans can listen to new episodes on iHeart Radio and follow Cheryl’s journey as she reenters the dating world.

And it already seems like she has a new love interest.

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Cheryl recently confirmed to ET that she has a major crush on Dr. Andrew Huberman.

“He doesn’t know I have a crush on him… I refuse to do a dating app, but I will definitely internet crush all day long. I’m into his brain and maybe his looks,” the professional dancer confessed. “… [He’s] a big crush of mine. I might be ready to date if he comes on [my podcast]. I doubt he would ever do this podcast, but that’s fine.”

If Dr. Huberman turns her down, it doesn’t seem like it will hurt her too much. Cheryl also confirmed to ET that some of her friends are trying to set her up. Before long, she could have a new solid relationship.

Where did things fall flat with Matthew Lawrence?

Whenever Cheryl spoke about her ex-husband in previous interviews, she always had really positive things to say. So what happened?

“People evolve and people sometimes, unfortunately, grow apart,” the DWTS pro told ET. “I think that’s unfortunately what happened and was the reason why I am able to keep some sort of peace within myself, knowing that we both tried, we didn’t just give up. I think that it’s OK.”

Cheryl Burke/Instagram

The 38-year-old dancer went on to say that it’s important to take accountability for your mistakes in past relationships. And she fully intends to do that with her divorce.

Cheryl’s fans have always really appreciated her honesty and transparency about her mental health issues. The dancer is a recovering alcoholic and does everything in her power to continue with her sobriety.

“I’ve taken initiative, and my intention has been to really try and feel my feelings and, more importantly, not judge my feelings while I’m feeling them,” Cheryl has said in previous videos.

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