‘Dancing With The Stars’ Season 31 Air Date Confirmed

Dancing With The Stars from ABC

Dancing With The Stars Season 31 will air on a new platform this year, but there’s still quite a bit to get excited about. This fall, fans will have to stream the competition live on Disney+ instead of watching on ABC.

But when can fans tune in? The show recently confirmed that new episodes will be back in September. Keep reading to learn more about the specifics.

When can fans watch Dancing With The Stars Season 31?

Right now, there’s still a lot that fans don’t know about Dancing With The Stars Season 31. But the good news is that there is an official air date now.

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New episodes will stream on Disney+ starting Monday, September 19. That seems like it’s a long way off, but it will be here before fans know it. And there will likely be teasers and leaks in the meantime.

Fans may have an official air date now, but there’s still a lot that remains up in the air. A DWTS insider recently confirmed there still aren’t any concrete decisions involving the show’s host yet.

Several fans believe that Burtt’s word choice indicates that Tyra Banks is definitely out as a hostess. If DWTS wanted her back, it seems like Burtt would just say so.

And if Tyra Banks doesn’t return, that means there will be someone new to fill her shoes. So far, DWTS fans don’t have many clues as to who that may be. They would love to have Tom Bergeron back, but he doesn’t seem very interested in reprising his role.

Major pay cuts will probably have an impact on the cast this year

There’s also some sad news to share. An inside source close to the show revealed that the budget is much smaller this year. In other words, if the pro dancers want to come back, they’ll have to deal with pretty severe pay cuts.

The insider reportedly told OK! that pros are now being offered $1,600 per episode. This is a major reduction from the $5,200 per episode offer they received in previous seasons. Businesses all over the world are dealing with pay cuts and it seems like DWTS is no exception.

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Pro dancers always say that the show doesn’t ask them to return until just weeks before filming. Right now, the cast list probably isn’t set in stone. This gives the pros enough time to weigh their options and decide whether or not they even want to come back now.

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  1. Well…DWTS…you just lost a fan! I don’t do Disney anything since they dropped Johnny Depp before they found out he was NOT guilty!!!!!

  2. I won’t watch anything Disney and I don’t get that channel. I have not watched it since Tyra Banks was the host, she was nauseating!

  3. Going from ABC to Disney+ you just lost most of the fan base. Disney + may appeal to the younger generation but grandmothers who love ballroom dancing and are on fixed incomes who don’t want to pay for streaming services, especially for 1 show, will not be back. Along with me. Disgusted at Disney. Bad choices all around from the firing of Tom to the firing of Johnny Depp who they presumed guilty til proven innocent-sorry but the damage is done. Putting Tyra in charge was a huge mistake. Liked her on her model show, but Tom is a better host. He was charming. She was nauseating and made the stars feel very uncomfortable with her questions.

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