’DWTS’: Tyra Banks Pushed Out Amid Disney+ Shuffle

Tyra Banks from ABC

Dancing With The Stars hoped to bring in new viewers ahead of Season 29. That summer, they made the controversial choice to fire long-time host Tom Bergeron and replace him with Tyra Banks.

Tyra tried her best but ultimately wasn’t able to win over the audience members. Now, viewers are standing by and waiting to see what happens ahead of Season 31.

We already know that Dancing With The Stars will not return to ABC this fall. Instead, Season 31 will live stream on the Disney+ app. And that doesn’t seem to be the only major change.

One source confirmed that Tyra Banks has been ousted amid the shuffle. Keep reading to see what we learned.

Tyra Banks will reportedly not join DWTS Season 31

According to The Sun, Tyra Banks will not host Dancing With The Stars when it heads to Disney+ this fall.

“There is no official decision on who will be hosting next season but it doesn’t look like Tyra will be back,” an insider allegedly told The Sun. “Which would be a network decision, not her decision.”

Keep in mind that we haven’t heard anything official from the network yet. But these rumors have been around for quite some time. Executive producer Andrew Llinares was also recently fired from the show, so there is evidence to believe that Tyra Banks might be next.

Tyra Banks/ABC

“Production has been a mess, with no clear direction of where [the show] was going, which is why certain producers have been axed in recent months,” the inside source continued. “The mix of the behind-the-scenes chaos and the historically low ratings ultimately was the nail in the coffin. ABC didn’t feel it was worth the investment anymore, but didn’t want to drop it as a whole.”

DWTS viewers really enjoyed seeing Iman Shumpert and Daniella Karagach take home the championship last year. It was Daniella’s first win as a pro dancer and the first time an NBA player won.

Fans want to see celebrities compete in the ballroom, but they’re just not interested in Tyra Banks anymore. Do you feel the same way? Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments.

Did Tom Bergeron see this coming?

When ABC fired Tom Bergeron, he handled the situation with grace and humility. However, he also made it clear in interviews that he would never come back to Dancing With The Stars, even if they asked.

After ABC fired Andrew Llinares, Tom Bergeron had a very cheeky response.


So far, there’s still a lot we don’t know about Dancing With The Stars Season 31. We do know that Disney+ will host Seasons 31-32, but the show’s future is up in the air after that.

We also don’t yet know which judges and pro dancers will return. Hopefully, several familiar faces will be back.

Will you watch Dancing With The Stars this fall? Be sure to let us know in the comments. Keep following us online for the latest DWTS news!

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  1. This will be the END of DWTS. Firing Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews was bad enough but hiring Tyra Banks was disastrous. Now going to Disney – streaming only – and taking it off regular TV will definitely put and end to it!! Sad. I’ve loved and watched it from day one.

  2. A little too late for getting rid of Tyra !Stick a fork in DWTS ……. It’s DONE ! COLOSSAL MISTAKE MOVING OFF MAIN STREAM TV ! Sorry ! Not sorry !

  3. Hiring Tyra Banks to replace Tom Bergman was a BIG mistake. Firing Tom was an even bigger one. Tyra just didn’t cut it. She was for herself only. So fake! DWTS is done for.

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