Tom Bergeron Throws Shade As ‘DWTS’ Executive Producer Departs

Tom Bergeron made it clear he doesn’t have any ill will towards any of the Dancing With The Stars cast members. But that may not exactly be true for the people at the top.

After executive producer Andrew Llinares parted ways with the show this week, Tom Bergeron definitely had a snide comment to make. Keep reading to learn more about the situation.

Tom Bergeron takes a dig at Andrew Llinares’ departure

The Dancing with The Stars executive team made the controversial decision to fire Tom Bergeron ahead of the 29th season. Online, fans fumed. And things didn’t really get better when they replaced him with Tyra Banks.

Although Tyra Banks tries her best, she never really managed to win over the audience members. The show seems to be losing popularity with its seasoned viewers. And that may be the reason behind Andrew Llinares’ departure.

A DWTS fan tweeted an article about the situation to former host Tom Bergeron. He snidely tweeted back, “Karma’s a b*tch” with a winking emoji.

Although Tom Bergeron publically handled his own firing with grace, we can’t be sure what was said behind closed doors. Throwing shade at Andrew Llinares like this seems to indicate there is indeed bad blood between him and Tom Bergeron.

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The long-time show host moves on and puts the past behind him

Tom Bergeron tries his best to speak well of his time on Dancing With The Stars. But in more recent interviews, he’s been candid about the toxic environment that developed during his last few seasons with the show.

“In all candor, the show that I left was not the show that I loved,” the beloved host confessed on Bob Saget’s podcast last fall. “So, the end of the season that turned out to be my last season [in 2019], I kind of knew. So I took everything out of my dressing room that I really wanted … It was kind of obvious that we were kind of butting heads.”

But even so, Tom tries not to let it bother him too much.

“It’s pretty far in the rearview mirror for me. I’m on to other stuff,” he continued.

Tom Bergeron/Instagram

And it seems like he still has a pretty good relationship with many of the dancers. He posted about running into Sharna Burgess before. And like many of the other DWTS team members, he supported Maksim Chmerkovskiy during his escape from Ukraine.

At this point, it’s pretty safe to say that Tom Bergeron won’t return to Dancing With The Stars. And if executive producer Andrew Llinares is out, there could be pretty big changes coming to the ballroom if the show returns for Season 31 this fall.

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