Tom Bergeron Gets Candid About ‘Butting Heads’ With ABC Execs

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You’d be hard-pressed to find a Dancing With The Stars fan that doesn’t miss Tom Bergeron. In fact, many viewers say things just haven’t been the same since Season 28 — the last time we saw Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews host the show.

But as a recent interview with the former host suggests, Tom wasn’t actually all that surprised. He sat down to talk about the situation on Bob Saget’s Here For You podcast.

Tom Bergeron wasn’t actually surprised about ABC’s controversial decision

When ABC fired Tom and Erin, many fans’ jaws hit the floor. Few actually saw this coming just months before Season 29 aired.

“In all candor, the show that I left was not the show that I loved,” the beloved host confessed. “So, the end of the season that turned out to be my last season [in 2019], I kind of knew. So I took everything out of my dressing room that I really wanted … It was kind of obvious that we were kind of butting heads.”

Tom went on to admit he and Erin knew they were getting canned well before the official announcement actually happened, so “there was no blue period.”

Most DWTS fans really miss Tom Bergeron. Even big celebrities like Joey Fatone slammed ABC’s decision to fire the popular host. But it seems as if the host moved on to bigger and better things. He’s not harboring any resentment over his exit.

“It’s pretty far in the rearview mirror for me. I’m on to other stuff,” he continued.

A few Dancing With The Stars fans hold out hope they’ll see Tom Bergeron back in the ballroom someday, but don’t count on it. He adamantly stated multiple times his days on the show are over. 

“When people say, ‘I’m not gonna watch until you’re back,’ I say, ‘Well, there’s really no ‘until’ here,’ This train has left the station. I appreciate the sentiment. [But] I don’t hold it against anybody if they [watch],” he told TV Guide Magazine. Tom shared a photo of the interview via his Twitter account.

Bergeron still has a lot of love for his former castmates

The former America’s Funniest Home Videos host may have butted heads with execs, but he also made many amazing friendships with cast and crew members during his run.

Tom Bergeron/Instagram

He frequently posts photos of the friends he meets up with, including pro dancer Sharna Burgess. The two went for a nice hike last winter shortly after Season 29 wrapped up.

If you’re one of the many that miss Tom, take comfort in the fact that he isn’t going anywhere. He’s still incredibly active on social media, works on projects, and spends time with his family.

The network chose to replace Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews with supermodel Tyra Banks, a decision that did not sit well with many fans. Although Tyra does her absolute best to put on a great show week after week, it just doesn’t seem like some fans are willing to give her a chance.

Dancing With The Stars returns tonight at 8 PM to kick of Disney week. Let us know if you’ll be tuning in to catch up! In the meantime, follow Tom Bergeron on his social media accounts to keep up with his antics. He’s still very much here for his fans!

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