‘Dancing With The Stars’ Cast Members May Quit After This Big Change

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Many Dancing With The Stars fans feel upset that the show is moving to Disney+ this fall. But they likely aren’t the only ones who have issues with the move.

Although many DWTS pros have spoken positively about the platform switch, new news may change their thoughts. According to OK!, the pro dancers will likely receive massive pay cuts for Season 31. Keep reading to learn more.

Dancing With The Stars pros have less incentive to return to the stage

There are a lot of rumors circulating about the upcoming Dancing With The Stars season. No one can say for sure, but many believe that Tyra Banks is out as an executive producer and will no longer be the hostess.

But the changes allegedly don’t stop there. OK! says they had a chance to talk to an insider that says the cast’s salaries will be greatly reduced this year.

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“With the show moving from the network to streaming, the budget has been vastly reduced,” the insider reportedly told the publication.  “Sure, they would love to see as many familiar professional dancers return as possible but that isn’t likely to happen when the cast sees how big the pay cut is going to be. After all these years, the fans of the show know the dancers better than the ‘stars,’ but the new economics of the show makes it impossible to pay them what they have earned in the past.”

According to the insider, each dancer will reportedly be offered $1,600 per episode when DWTS moves to Disney+. When the show was on ABC, each pro dancer reportedly earned $5,200 per episode.

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If this is true, it sadly means that many fan-favorite pros won’t come back. However, it’s still too soon to tell what will happen next. Dancing With The Stars Season 31 likely won’t come until September, which means casting for the pro dancers will likely happen in August. Fans will know more as the summer draws to a close.

One major player returns to the show

Without a doubt, this is incredibly disappointing. However, there is a bit of good news to share. Conrad Green will be returning as an executive producer. Green was an EP when DWTS premiered back in 2005 and rumor has it that many of the existing cast and crew are thrilled with the choice.

With Green back in charge, it’s entirely possible that some old elements of the show will come back. But September is still quite a ways off. Many DWTS fans are eager for more information, but that’s all there is to share at the moment.

Which pro dancers do you think will return to the stage and which ones will leave? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments. Keep following TV Shows Ace online for the latest Dancing With The Stars news and see what your favorite dancers are up to.

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