‘Dancing With The Stars’ Welcomes Back An Important Figure This Fall

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There are definitely a lot of shakeups behind the scenes of Dancing With The Stars these days. In a shocking twist, the show announced that it will go to Disney+ this fall instead of ABC — its parent platform from the beginning.

DWTS fans are sitting on the edge of their seats waiting to see what happens next, but there are a few signs the show might be going back to basics. Keep reading to learn more about the return of one central figure.

Dancing With The Stars welcomes back one very important key figure this fall

The name Conrad Green probably doesn’t mean much to most Dancing With The Stars viewers. But he’s very important to the show’s history. Green was the executive producer of the show when it first launched back in 2005. He’s replacing EP Andrew Llinares, who parted ways with the show earlier this year.

So fans of old-school Dancing With The Stars might be in for a treat. According to Deadline, some of the judges and professional dancers are absolutely thrilled that Conrad Green is taking over again. Is it possible that he’ll bring back some of the old elements that fans really loved?

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It’s no secret that a lot of the DWTS castmates weren’t thrilled with recent changes that took place over the past few years. Firing Tom Bergeron was probably the biggest unpopular decision the show made. Although the cast said positive things about his replacement Tyra Banks, it’s clear they missed their old friend Tom.

Tom Bergeron previously stated that he would absolutely never return to Dancing With The Stars. But now that Conrad Green is back in charge, maybe he would reconsider.

What kind of talent can fans expect to see this fall?

Right now, there is absolutely no casting information available yet. The new executives are probably trying to figure things out behind the scenes. Pro dancers even previously said they are the last ones to know anything and they don’t even get invited back until a few weeks before the season premiere.

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However, there is some talk about Moriah Plath joining the cast. The DWTS casting department has really focused on reality TV stars and social media personalities over the past few years. So at this point, anything is really possible and fans won’t get answers until Season 31 drops on Disney+ this fall.

Do you plan to watch Dancing With The Stars this fall? Be sure to sound off in the comments and let everyone know what changes you’d like to see. Also, mention which celebrity talent you would like to see participate this fall. There are so many different willing participants out there.

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