‘DWTS’: Witney Carson Opens Up About Her Cancer Battle

Witney Carson from Instagram

Dancing With The Stars fans have come to love Witney Carson over the years. The 28-year-old dancer is stylish, sweet, and is definitely a force on the dance floor.

However, like many others, she has some serious obstacles in life that she’s had to overcome. Keep reading to learn more about her battle with cancer and how it impacted her career as a professional dancer.

Witney Carson battled skin cancer several years ago

Many of Witney Carson’s fans got to know her when she competed in So You Think You Can Dance Season 9. After that, she went to Dancing With The Stars, where she made her debut as a pro dancer in Season 18. But life wasn’t always so glamorous for the pro dancer.

Witney Carson from Instagram
Witney Carson/Instagram

Not all of her fans realize this, but Witney Carson actually battled skin cancer in her past. She recently decided to open up about her battle and its impact on her life and career.

It all started just as she was asked to join DWTS as a pro dancer back when she was just 19 years old.

“I finally got this call that was going to just skyrocket my career,” Witney, now 28 years old, confessed to PEOPLE. “It was my dream.”

But then doctors diagnosed her with melanoma just before she was supposed to head to Los Angeles to film Season 18. Witney went through two surgeries to get rid of the cancer and they were successful. But at the time, she was absolutely terrified to share her diagnosis with anyone on DWTS.

Witney Carson from Instagram
Witney Carson/Instagram

“All of a sudden I get diagnosed with melanoma and of course, being myself, I’m like ‘It’s fine. I can still go on the show,'” Witney continued. She continued to say that it felt embarrassing to be so sick as a professional athlete. “…I was supposed to be doing all the right things to be an athlete, and so it was embarrassing for me to be like, ‘Yes, I had, I was sick. I was literally sick.’ The producers didn’t know. My partner didn’t know. I wanted people to think I was perfectly healthy.”

The pro dancer performed even while recovering from her surgery

Witney’s melanoma was heavily involved in her foot, but that didn’t stop her from performing.

“They took an inch diameter around the mole on my foot as well as all of my lymph nodes in my left hip,” the Season 19 champion continued. “It was just spreading so quickly and they had to get rid of the lymph nodes and there was lots of healing time. I think I took six weeks and then I went straight to Dancing With The Stars.┬áMy foot was wrapped. I still had stitches in it.”

Witney Carson from Instagram
Witney Carson/Instagram

Thankfully, Witney Carson remains cancer-free to this day and has high hopes of joining DWTS Season 31 this fall. Her fans wish her on the best as she continues her journey of health and wellness.

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