‘DWTS’: Witney Carson Returns To The Rehearsal Room

Dancing With The Stars will be back before fans know it. Things will definitely look a little different this fall as the program shifts platforms. However, many of the show’s judges confirmed they will still be around when DWTS moves to Disney+. So it’s reasonable to think that many of the pro dancers will come back too. Witney Carson is already hard at work training.

The pro dancers always say in interviews that DWTS execs don’t ask them to come back until a few weeks before filming starts. But the dancers want to be as ready as possible if they are chosen for another season. That’s why Witney is doing everything she can to get into tip-top shape before the season starts.

Witney Carson is back in action ahead of the new DWTS season

In an interview last year, Witney Carson said she wasn’t entirely sure if she would come back to DWTS for Season 31. The truth is that she absolutely loves being a mother and might like to have another little one. In the interview, she said it all depended on whether or not she would be pregnant in the fall of 2022.

Witney Carson from Instagram
Witney Carson/Instagram

But since Witney confirmed she’s training for the new season, it seems like she plans on coming back. She posted an Instagram video of herself practicing a ballroom routine.

“It’s about that time to start training 👏🏼👏🏼” the Season 19 champion captioned her video. “Which Dancing With The Stars judge do you agree with most? Lots of people ask me if I get tired of the criticism… On most occasions I welcome it. I enjoy the challenge of getting better and proving them wrong 😜”

Witney Carson/Instagram

The last time Witney took home the Mirrorball Trophy was in Season 19. So it’s been a little while. Could this be the year the 28-year-old dancer wins again?

What is the ballroom dancer up to when DWTS isn’t on the air?

In the offseason, Witney is a pretty dedicated wife and mother. She will always have a place in her heart for competitive dance. But these days, she seems to be all about family time.

Her Instagram followers enjoyed seeing photos of her family vacation and watched her cook up a healthy summer recipe. Witney’s fans hope she plans to stick with DWTS long-term. But they at least know she is happy with her life and family even if she decides to end her competitive dancing career.

Will you watch Dancing With The Stars when it returns this fall? Some fans aren’t excited about the move to Disney+, but plan to tune in anyway. Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments and check back for the latest DWTS news.

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