Witney Carson Reveals She May Be Done With ‘DWTS’ Too

Witney Carson from Instagram

Say it isn’t so! Many Dancing With The Stars fans felt heartbroken to learn that Val Chmerkovskiy most likely plans to retire after Season 30. But now, Season 19 champion Witney Carson may be done with the show too.

Read on to find out what she said.

Witney Carson has some pretty big plans for the future

Pro dancer Cheryl Burke routinely has costars on her podcast, “Pretty Messed Up.” Witney recently sat down with Cheryl to discuss a variety of topics, including her future with DWTS.

We all know that Witney chose to sit out Season 29 due to her pregnancy. She loves being a mom and really wants to have another baby, so that will heavily influence her decision whether or not to return next fall.

“I don’t know [about coming back], we’ll have to see. I don’t know what my plan is, like if I’m gonna be pregnant,” the 28-year-old dancer admitted. “Right now, I feel like I could have another one [right away] because Leo is so easy. He’s so fun right now, he’s just really fun, he’s at such a fun age. But I’m worried for when he turns two. I’ve heard that’s terrible. I might not be ready for [another one] quite yet.”

She added that perhaps Leo could be just perfect and she’ll have another baby next year.

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“You’re such an amazing mother. I love being able to see you grow up before my eyes,” Cheryl told her costar. “I feel like I’m everybody’s godmother on the show because I’m the oldest OG on the show.”

Cheryl Burke is 37, so she isn’t old by any means. But she has been on the show since Season 2 — long before any of the other existing pros joined.

“I really feel like I grew up on the show and you were definitely like the mom of the show,” Witney added.

It was a great DWTS season, even if the So You Think You Can Dance alum didn’t win

Witney Carson and her celebrity partner The Miz left during the Queen Night episode. Many were really sad to see them leave, but both admitted they enjoyed their time on Dancing With The Stars this year.

“Honestly, I don’t have any ill feelings. This is a competition,” the WWE superstar told ET. “I put my best out there. I had the best choreographer. She was creative. She helped me get to where I needed to be. And to be honest, I felt like I did a great job. I didn’t feel like I fell on my face. I thought I represented myself, as well as my family, as well as everyone, the best I possibly could’ve.”

Witney posted a touching Instagram photo of the two and said that she was so proud of The Miz’s progress this year. She said that he was a great partner and always came in the rehearsal room ready to work hard.

Hopefully, Witney Carson will make it back for another season of Dancing With The Stars. But if she doesn’t, her many fans wish her well with her family plans and future endeavors.

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