Tom Bergeron Applauds Latest ‘DWTS’ Decision & Host Shakeup

Tom Bergeron from Instagram

Former Dancing With The Stars host Tom Bergeron has been pretty outspoken about the show in recent years. Since execs made the decision to fire the beloved judge, he vowed never to return.

However, changes ahead of Season 31 have Tom feeling quite a bit better about the show’s future. Keep reading to learn a little bit more.

Tom Bergeron couldn’t be happier for Alfonso Ribeiro

Tom Bergeron was pretty gracious when DWTS let him go just ahead of Season 29. But since then, he’s had quite a bit to say. The long-time host applauded the decision to fire EP Andrew Llinares earlier this year.

Many believed that he was behind the push to get rid of Tom Bergeron in the first place. The choice to replace Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews on the program was wildly unpopular with fans, even three seasons later.

Dancing With The Stars/ABC

A few weeks ago, DWTS announced that Conrad Green would replace Llinares. And Tom Bergeron said that that was amazing news. He and Green reportedly always had a great working relationship. But now, Tom is excited about the latest DWTS announcement — Alfonso Ribeiro will join the cast as Tyra Banks’ co-host. The official news broke earlier this morning.

“Now, getting Conrad Green back as DWTS showrunner is only ONE of their smartest decisions,” Tom captioned a congratulatory Instagram post for Alfonso. “Here’s the other one 👏🏼 Congratulations, buddy!”

Tom Bergeron/Instagram

Many Dancing With The Stars fans really wish Tom Bergeron would return to host the show. In previous interviews, he said that would never happen again. But now that Llinares is out of the picture and Alfonso Ribeiro and Conrad Green are involved, he may reconsider.

The decision to fire the long-time DWTS host was incredibly unpopular with fans

Virtually no one thought it was a good idea to fire Tom Bergeron from the program. Fans still complain about the decision to this day. Celebrities like Joey Fatone also voiced their opposition to the move.

“I haven’t had a chance to talk to Tom because I don’t really know what happened. That was just weird how it all went down,” the singer told Us Weekly back in the summer of 2021. “Nothing wrong with Tyra [Banks], but Tom really — and Erin [Andrews] is great, don’t get me wrong — but Tom was the freakin’ starter. He’s the backbone of all that stuff. He’s the one that was there from day one and he’s great at it.”

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  1. The addition of Alfonso will be great but I won’t be watching it because I’m not going to pay to get that Network. I already pay over $100 a month as a senior citizen just to be able to get regular TV.

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