Love Island USA Season 4 OG girls

‘Love Island USA’: Meet The Season 4 Girls, Follow Them On Instagram

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Love Island USA returns on Tuesday, July 19, to its new home on Peacock streaming.

The dating reality series left its original home on CBS and found a new suitor in NBC. That network then skipped the network censors on its broadcast channel and move the show to its streaming service so it could make things naughtier and steamier than ever. With a chance to match the feel of the more popular UK version, this season looks like it might be the hottest Love Island USA yet.

Add in a new host in Sarah Hyland and the voice of the UK version, Iain Stirling, and it will be a totally new show. With no further ado, here are this year’s first five girls that will make their way into the villa next week, hoping to find true love with the five new guys.

Courtney Boerner


Courtney is a 24-year-old stylist from Winter Park, Florida. She currently lives in Los Angeles. In her bio, she said she has several celeb crushes, including Keanu Reeves, Michael B. Jordan, Will Smith, and James Franco. She also said that one thing she hates is bad breath. Courtney also said she has had 19 plastic surgeries. She has also dated both men and women.

Love Island USA fans can follow Courtney on Instagram at @courtnneylynn. She has over 126,000 followers and over 100 posts. She is also on TikTok with the same screen name with almost 6,000 followers and 15,000 likes.

Deborah Chubb


Deborah is a 26-year-old personal assistant from Dallas, Texas. She currently lives in Redondo Beach, California. In her bio, she said she often sees red flags and charges ahead anyway but wants to change her ways. One of her nicknames is “Chubb Rub” and she has been single for almost five years now. Deborah also said that she is a “good luck charm” and that the last four guys she dated all got married to the next person they dated.

Love Island USA fans can follow Deborah on Instagram at @debchubb. She has over 18,800 followers and 175 posts.

Sereniti Springs


Sereniti is a 28-year-old bartender from Clovis, California. She currently lives in New Orleans. In her bio, she said one of the most important things for her in a man is nice teeth. She said that her “celebrity daddy crush” is Alex Landi. She said her “alter ego” is the “Hype Fairy” or “Destiny.” Sereniti also said that, at heart, she is a cowgirl.

Love Island USA fans can follow Sereniti on Instagram @serenitisprings. She has over 2,800 followers and 70 posts.

Sydney Paight


Sydney is a 22-year-old operations manager from Houston, Texas. She currently lives in Los Angeles. In her bio, she lists her celebrity crush as Harry Jowsey. Paris Hilton is her idol. She said that her best features are her smile and perky chest. However, Sydney said she doesn’t want to work and would rather be a “trophy wife.”

Love Island USA fans can follow Sydney on Instagram at @sydneypaight. She has over 5,600 followers and 33 posts.

Zeta Morrison


Zeta is a 29-year-old babysitter/model from Surrey, England. She currently lives in Los Angeles. In her bio, she said the most important thing for her is a man’s personality, but on the show, she wants to find someone she finds physically attractive. She said her celeb crush is Idris Elba. Zeta also said she has a habit of talking to herself out loud and that she is working on writing her autobiography.

Love Island USA fans can follow Zeta on Instagram at @iamzetamorrison. She has over 38,000 followers and 104 posts.

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