‘Jeopardy!’ Viewers Blast Steve Clarke As ‘Wimpy Wager’

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Last night’s Jeopardy! game was blasted by fans for being boring. Viewers took their criticisms further and slammed Steve Clarke, a contestant on the show, for poor playing tactics. Keep reading to see what he did to make Jeopardy! fans so mad.

Nobody Likes A Boring Game Of Jeopardy!

While Jeopardy! isn’t the most exciting show on television, some games are more riveting than others. Fans were not impressed with Tuesday night’s game. Steve Clarke was the returning champion and played alongside Ben Caller, a history teacher, and Tehmeena Malik, a business developer.

This was Steve’s second game of Jeopardy! He won his first game on Monday night by a $2 margin. At the end of the game, Steve strategically wagered his money so that he would overtake Robert Won in the final round.

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Steve’s answer and wager took the contestants down to the final buzzer, giving fans an exciting game of Jeopardy! to watch. His approach Tuesday night was not the same. In fact, many viewers found his next appearance to be boring and some even described his tactics as “wimpy.”

Why Steve Clarke Is Under Fire With Fans

The reason that Steve Clarke is under fire with fans of Jeopardy! is the move he decided to make at the very end of the game. Host Mayim Bialik presented the Final Jeopardy! category: pairs in astronomy. The clue was, “Discovered in 1877, they were named for siblings of the Greek god of love.”

Clarke guessed, “What are Sagittarius?” However, Caller had the correct answer of “What are Phobos and Deimos?” Unfortunately for him, each player’s wagers are what won the game. Although Caller provided the correct answer, he only wagered $3,000. This still left him $7,000 short of beating Clarke who bet a much lower amount on his answer.

Because he wasn’t sure of his answer, Clarke only wagered $1, which helped him win yet another game of Jeopardy! At the same time, had Caller bet it all on his final answer, he would have won. Many fans felt they were cheated out of a good game and that Caller was cheated out of a win.

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Credit: YouTube/Jeopardy!

“A wimpy Final Jeopardy! wager cost Ben the win,” one person wrote on social media. Another viewer chimed in saying, “If Ben had bet it all at the end, he would have won. Terrible strategy.”

Others pointed out that the entire game was a snooze fest. “Steve is such a boring champion,” one person said, while another said the $1 wager was “dumb.”

Despite what Jeopardy! fans may think, Steve ended the game at $19,999, bringing his two-day total on the game show to $38,400. He will be back on tonight’s episode to see if he can continue his lucky winning streak.

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