Former ‘DWTS’ Contestant HATED The Experience — Who Was It?


Every year, DWTS asks various celebrities to compete onstage in front of thousands of adoring fans at home. Many participants say they thoroughly enjoy their time on the show, but that’s not true for everyone.

In fact, one former Dancing With The Stars contestant recently said she hated her time on the show. Who was it and what made her experience so negative?

DWTS definitely isn’t for everybody

Most celebrities really enjoy the entire DWTS experience. But it’s not entirely unheard of to have a contestant that wished they stayed home. Hope Solo had horrible things to say about her time on the show and her partner Maks Chmerkovskiy.

And now, another celebrity is speaking out about how much they disliked competing for the Mirrorball Trophy.

Dancing With The Stars/ABC

Sabrina The Teenage Witch star Melissa Joan Hart competed on Dancing With The Stars Season 9. According to the 90s teen sensation, she was originally supposed to compete back in Season 1, but her contract with FOX forbade her. When her contract expired, Hart was working on her family and raising children. She wasn’t able to compete until Season 9.

But during an appearance on Jana Kramer’s podcast, Hart revealed that she wished she never competed at all. When Kramer asked what she thought about her time on the program, Hart flatly replied, “I hated it.”

Melissa Joan Hart/Instagram

“I thought it was going to be more dancing. I didn’t like the production moments,” Hart continued. She just wanted to learn the dances and got frustrated went the camera crews asked her to repeat herself or redo a scene.

Melissa Joan Hart admitted she joined DWTS to have fun. But it ended up being more of a hassle than she ever anticipated.

“…I felt like I didn’t get the chance to dance. It was always, like, my partner was late and then he wanted to go get coffee.”

Hart and her partner Mark Ballas ultimately finished in 9th place out of 16 couples.

What’s MJH up to these days?

Melissa Joan Hart wasn’t cut out for Dancing With The Stars, but she still has a pretty healthy acting career. She recently appeared in a new summer Lifetime movie, Dirty Little Secret where she portrayed a hoarder.

And of course, Hart is pretty active on Instagram. She regularly posts photos of outings and of her kids. DWTS just wasn’t for her, but she managed to find a lot of joy and fulfillment in other activities and roles.

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