‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Lea Done With The Merrifields, What’s Next?

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Seeking Sister Wife viewers have watched the Merrifields try to pursue a new wife. They assumed that Lea could be the one for them. Yet after visiting her in California, it did not necessarily go as planned. Is she for sure out of the picture? If so, what is next for the plural family?

Seeking Sister Wife With The Merrifields…Again

Yes, Garrick and Dannielle are still involved with their sister wife Roberta. In fact, they all made a non-legal commitment in Mexico over a year ago. Unfortunately, they have not seen Bert in over a year so that has given them a lot of time to think. For Dannielle, she had struggled massively with jealousy in the past. Seeing her husband with another woman was really hard for her initially. She did not necessarily know how to handle these new emotions so she prayed a lot and eventually, she was able to let it go. Finally, she came to the realization that maybe another wife was needed to make it work even better.

Seeking Sister Wife/TLC

If and when Bert made it to America, Dannielle knew she would be spending a lot of time with Garrick. They would be trying to grow the family and bonding. Therefore, Dannielle had the idea to seek out an extra wife so she would have someone to keep her occupied, really like a best friend. They ended up finding Lea who seemingly was perfect except she lived in California so they hopped into the car to drive out there to meet her. It all started out really well but Garrick had some strict regulations for the next wife.

Over And Out?

Though Lea had grown up in a plural family, she was quite independent. She worked as a nurse and supported her child on her own. When Garrick and Dannielle first arrive in California, the three connected and enjoyed each other’s company. Bert, however, was not so thrilled with them seeking a new wife. Regardless, they did not want to let Lea slip through their fingers. When Garrick explained his expectations for a wife, it was a little too much for Lea. He wanted someone home a lot more than she could or would be. A TLC clip for this week’s episode shows the Merrifields calling Lea but her explaining it won’t work out.

Seeking Sister Wife/TLC

She tells them that she did not feel that she had too many choices and it did not feel as genuine as she had hoped for. Furthermore, it felt like it was Garrick’s way or the highway so she deemed it best they part ways. Of course, Bert is happy that it ended as she did not like them dating someone else. Now Garrick is focusing his attention back on his Brazilian love but she has been dragging her feet picking up her visa and such. They want her there but how much longer will they have to wait?

Are you surprised that Lea did not want to stick with the Merrifields? Let us know and watch Seeking Sister Wife Mondays on TLC.

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