‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Mourn Yungsheng Wang After Shocking Loss

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Gutted Jeopardy! fans are mourning the shocking loss of Yungsheng Wang. After a three-day winning streak, the champ’s game came to an end in what viewers called a very “awkward” episode. According to The Sun, three-day champ Yungsheng Wang quickly won over the hearts of viewers at home. The reason Jeopardy! fans were so drawn to him, however, is a bit unexpected.

Jeopardy! fans will miss Yungsheng Wang, why?

Hailing from Los Angeles, California Public Defender Yungsheng Wang was unable to hang on to his winning streak during the July 7th episode of Jeopardy! Chatter from fans across multiple social media platforms, however, noted he won over viewers with something unexpected. His wild fashion sense. Fans admit they are sad to see him go and will mourn not getting to see any more of his wild fashion choices.

His unique sense of fashion wasn’t the only reason the viewers at home really adored this particular contestant. Jeopardy! fans also called attention to how happy and animated Yungsheng Wang was during his time on the show.

One viewer tweeted they don’t think they’d ever seen a contestant happier to be on the show than him. Some viewers jested the one thing they wanted was to be as happy as Yungsheng was every single time he won.

During his appearance on the July 4th episode of the game show, viewers labeled him as the “bowtie icon.”

Brian Ahern took over as the new champ

Yungsheng Wang was sitting pretty in the lead by the time they rolled into Final Jeopardy! Brian Ahern, however, came to play and wagered everything he got. Going big or going home, Brian took the win with a whopping $26.8K.

On Instagram, there were some viewers who argued that Yungsheng Wang was cheated out of a win that should have been his because of an overlooked technicality. These viewers argued that Brian Ahern did NOT answer a question correctly during Double Jeopardy! and the answer should not have gone through because of it.

Is Mayim Bialik’s days on the show numbered?

As TvShowsAce reported last night, viewers believe the “awkward” episodes of Jeopardy! are almost over as a TV Guide listing suggests Ken Jennings is slated to return to the series as the host in less than two weeks from now. This information has not been confirmed, but it came from a source that has proven to be reliable in the past.

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