Ken Jennings’ Official ‘Jeopardy!’ Return Date Leaked?

Ken Jennings and Mayim - YouTube

Has Ken Jennings’ official Jeopardy! return date been leaked? As TvShowsAce has reported, fans of the game show are all over the place with their opinions on who should be the host of Jeopardy! Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik created a lot of buzz when she first stepped in as the temporary host of the game show. On Reddit, viewers of Jeopardy! pick the actress apart for every little detail of how she hosts the game. The 46-year-old actress has also just been a very controversial celebrity that people either tend to love or hate.

Why do Jeopardy! fans hate on Mayim Bialik so much?

The hate swirling around Mayim Bialik is a bit baffling to viewers who generally don’t have an issue with her being the host of the show. Everything from her gender to her strong beliefs to her fashion sense seems to set off viewers that take issue with her as a host. On Reddit, some fans have made a point to discuss how much they dislike the way she socializes with the contestants. There are even some fans that accuse her simply of not being intelligent enough to hold the Jeopardy! host. Moreover, some fans don’t like how she delivers questions or how she reacts and responds to answers.

Mayim Bialik - YouTube
Mayim Bialik – YouTube

Who will become the permanent host of the game show?

A lot of viewers have made it clear they want Ken Jennings to step into the shoes of permanent host for the game show. There, however, are some viewers who admit they really don’t care who the host of the show is. They just enjoy watching it with their family. Guest host Buzzy Cohen has fueled rumors with various cryptic messages on Twitter that he was also a contender for the hosting position. Viewers that loathe Mayim Bialik seem to support either Buzzy or Ken taking over.

To date, a permanent host for Jeopardy! has yet to be confirmed. Though viewers believe the news is coming soon. Presently, fans assume either Mayim or Ken will become the permanent host.

Jeopardy Fans Want Ken Jennings Back [Credit: Jeopardy/YouTube]
[Credit: Jeopardy/YouTube]

Is Mayim Bialik really bad for ratings?

On Reddit, viewers pointed out that it would be nice if “raw numbers” supported the hate for Mayim. But, the hatred of her as the host hasn’t hurt the ratings of the show. If anything, she’s been such a controversial host the show has actually been more popular as it continues to land in the headlines. TvShowsAce previously reported that fans question if Mayim is really the worst choice for the show as she hasn’t caused the ratings to drop.

Mayim Bialik - YouTube
Mayim Bialik – YouTube

Did Ken Jennings official Jeopardy! return date leak?

On July 5th, an eagle-eyed fan shared a screenshot of a TV listing from an upcoming episode of the series. The listing had Ken Jennings listed as the host for the episode airing on July 18th. This lines up with game show experts guessing that an official announcement on the permanent host being made around July 15th. Likewise, this also lines up reports that a permanent host would be chosen a week (or so) after July 4th weekend.

This particular Jeopardy! fan has shared a screenshot of a TV listing announcing the return of Ken Jennings as the host once before. Their previous tweet featured a TV listing from the Valentine’s Day episode of Jeopardy! According to Rotten Tomatoes, Ken Jennings was the host of the February 14th episode. So, this Twitter account has posted accurate TV listing screenshots in the past.

Are you excited to know Ken Jennings is tentatively returning to Jeopardy! on July 18th? Will you miss Mayim Bialik? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for the latest on Jeopardy!


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