Is ‘Jeopardy!’ Filmed In Front Of A Live Audience?

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Back in March of 2020, game shows such as Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune were forced to ditch their live audiences because of the coronavirus. After joining the rest of the world in shutting down for a period of time, both Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune made some adjustments to the logistics of how they filmed and produced the shows. This resulted in episodes of the shows being filmed and produced without a live audience. Fast forward to July of 2022, game show fans have one big question. Has Jeopardy! returned to being filmed in front of a live audience?

Fan questions if they can buy tickets for a taping

This week a thread popped up on the Jeopardy! Reddit thread questioning if they could purchase tickets to be in the audience for a taping of the show. The individual explained when they planned to be in the area and questioned how they would go about buying tickets. Sadly, the OP of this thread did NOT get the answer they were hoping for.

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[Jeopardy | YouTube]

Jeopardy! has not rejoined the rest of the world

According to responses in the thread, Wheel of Fortune did return to filming with a live audience recently. Sadly, the same cannot be said for Jeopardy! Presently, Season 38 of the series is not being filmed in front of a live audience. Fans note that Wheel of Fortune turning to taping with a live audience gives them hope this game show will follow suit in the near future. Fans suspect that by Season 39 or Season 40 things should return to “normal.”

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Should the show even go back to having a live audience?

Interestingly enough, there were some viewers who pointed out the show should consider ditching the idea of returning to taping episodes with a live audience. The individual goes on to clarify the lack of a live audience means there is very little risk of information leaking before the episode airs.

This individual explained: “I’d be OK if they never used an audience. Too much chance of a leak, especially with the possibility of super champs. Just get rid of the laugh track, too. We can figure out what’s funny.”

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Other viewers chimed in agreeing that Jeopardy! should consider ditching the laugh track as it was cheesy, unnecessary, and oftentimes forced things to be funny that were not really funny. Other fans agreed the humorous portions of the show would feel more natural and less scripted if the production crew ditched the laugh track.

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