‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Contestant Jinger Lough Wins Big

Wheel Of Fortune Contestant Jinger Lough Wins Big [Credit: Wheel Of Fortune/YouTube]

Wheel of Fortune contestant Jinger Lough won big. She couldn’t believe her luck when she made it through the final round of the popular game show. Even fans are in shock over her “record-breaking” win. The speech-language pathologist was one of the three contestants on the latest episode.

She can walk away from her job if she wants to because she walked away with a massive prize. On the Friday, May 26 episode of Wheel of Fortune, Jinger made it all the way to the bonus round. She beat out her fellow contestants and racked up $33,555. Her luck continued as she went through the final round and burst into tears.

Wheel Of Fortune: Jinger Wins Big [Credit: Wheel of Fortune/YouTube]
[Credit: Wheel of Fortune/YouTube]

Wheel of Fortune “record-breaking” moment

For that round, Jinger chose the “phrase” category. However, she only got one letter onto the board. But she already knew what that phrase was. She correctly guessed: “On the bandwagon.”

Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak held the gold envelope in his hand. When she guessed the bonus puzzle, he opened up the envelope which revealed she won $100,000. Her total prize went up to $133,555. Jinger was in disbelief over what happened.

Wheel of Fortune: Bonus Round [Credit: Wheel of Fortune/YouTube]
[Credit: Wheel of Fortune/YouTube]
Then she broke down in tears. Wheel of Fortune fans was also in shock over what happened during the bonus round. Most of them took to Twitter to share their thoughts.

  • “What a solve! Ginger wins the $100k!”
  • “Anybody know if that was a record bonus round solve in terms of time?”
  • “Safe to say, we’re all ‘on the bandwagon,’ Jinger!”
  • “She solved it as Pat was trying to comfort her because he thought it would be difficult. Great job, Jinger!”

This makes Jinger the seventh contestant of Season 39 with a prize of $100,000. That’s the most bonus round winners in a single season of Wheel of Fortune. This luck could continue as the show continues to film until July. Fans will have to tune in and see who else will get the big prize.

Pat Sajak comforts the contestants

Wheel of Fortune fans noticed that Pat Sajak has shown compassion to the contestants. He tried to support Jinger since she only got one letter on the board. He assured her that she could still win and he was right. She didn’t let despair take control.

Wheel Of Fortune Pat Sajak Comforts Contestants [Credit: Wheel of Fortune/YouTube]
[Credit: Wheel of Fortune/YouTube]
In a previous episode, Pat had to intervene when a contestant made a “careless mistake” during the game. Amy spun the wheel and landed on a trip to Hawaii. However, she quickly lost it when she guessed a letter that a fellow contestant already called out. While Wheel of Fortune fans called her out on Twitter for her error, Pat tried to console her.

Fans noticed that his attitude has changed amid the criticism over his behavior. Some noticed that he appears cold and standoffish during the episodes. Others think Pat isn’t happy when contestants win big money because it takes a big cut out of his pay. What are your thoughts on Jinger’s win? Sound off below in the comment section.

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