‘The Family Chantel’ What Is Chantel Everett’s Net Worth 2022?

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The Family Chantel stars Pedro Jimeno and Chantel Everett have called it quits. Pedro was the one who filed the papers to end the marriage. He even mentioned his wife withdrew funds from their joint bank account literally days before they separated. Yet, she always appeared to be the main breadwinner. So, what is her approximate net worth? Read on for more details.

Spinning Off To The Family Chantel

When fans met Chantel and Pedro in Season 4 of 90 Day Fiance, they seemed to have a passionate love affair. The two had fallen for one another while she was visiting the Dominican Republic. To keep the flame alive, she kept going back until he proposed. Unfortunately, her family was not super supportive of them being together. They felt that Pedro was taking advantage of her to come to America. Of course, she did not care and he moved in with her in Georgia regardless. They ultimately got married both in America and over in the DR but it was a struggle. His family felt that he should shower them with stuff now that he was making it in the US. Yet, they were unaware that whatever he gave to them was directly taken away from him and Chantel.

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It was that crazy familial dynamic that garnered the duo their own spinoff. He had his sister Nicole who was always ratting on him to Chantel, claiming he was cheating. Pedro did like his guy’s nights when he was back home and this was a problem that would resurface. Another big issue was working. Chantel was in school to be a nurse but Pedro just assumed she would be making bank once she graduated. It was a harsh reality for him that she was entry-level so he had to actually find a profession. The current season found him as a real estate agent but it also saw them fighting tremendously. As it turns out, it was literally not just for show.

Will Chantel Make It On Her Own?

Pedro has alleged that Chantel withdrew $257K from their joint account prior to the couple separating. She then put the money in an account she shared with her sister. Did she actually need the money? According to In Touch Weekly, she is not just a nurse but an Instagram influencer. She has almost a million followers so she can promote a plethora of items. Apparently, due to her profession, her social media popularity, and reality fame, she has amassed around 1.5 million dollars.

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Back in January, she and Pedro did purchase their first home together for under 300K. As for what new opportunities will come her way, time will tell. Reddit fans guessed she would next be seen on 90 Day: The Single Life. If that were to happen, she would collect another paycheck. The future of her current series is up in the air due to the status of her and Pedro. However, who says Chantel can’t do both?

Would you like to see her living her best single life? Let us know and watch The Family Chantel Mondays on TLC.


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