’90 Day Fiance’ Pedro Files For Divorce On Chantel, What Happened?

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Another 90 Day Fiance couple bites the dust. Pedro Jimeno has filed for divorce from his wife, Chantel Everett. This comes as no surprise to fans of their spinoff, The Family Chantel. They have seen the couple on a downward for some time however the hope was that their issues were more for show. Now, it seems that there was more to the story than anyone even knew.

Banking On Hopes And Dreams On 90 Day Fiance

Pedro and Chantel first met when she was on vacation in the Dominican Republic. Of course, they fell in love during her holiday and she continued to travel to see him. Her family was not too keen on him, skeptical of his intentions. That did not matter to him as he proposed and they moved forth with their relationship. Soon enough, they were appearing in Season 4 of the series, documenting his transition coming to live in Georgia. She let her parents know that he was in the US on a student visa to ease their fears about him using her solely for a green card. Once in America, more issues began to erupt. Pedro’s family just expected him to send them money and gifts now that he had this new life. They did not quite realize that it was an adaptation process, getting him settled here.

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Regardless of everything, Pedro and Chantel got married and even united their families to wed in the DR. The in-laws clashed tremendously which clearly helped for a great spinoff, The Family Chantel. Pedro’s sister loved to interfere with the marriage by alluding that her brother was being unfaithful. Chantel also had drama within her own family as her sister Winter dealt with body issues and struggled to live up to Chantel’s “perfect image.” There was always tumult in the marriage, a lot having to do with the families and outside influences. Then, Season 4 started and it was clear that this relationship needed some serious resuscitation. Now it appears it was beyond repair.

Over And Done?

This season of TFC has been really rough, probably the roughest since the 90 Day Fiance spinoff began. Chantel has finished school but Pedro had no idea that entry-level nurses were not rolling dough. So he had to go out and get a job. He chose a career in real estate and he seems to have had a complete personality shift. The two are no longer intimate, he calls his wife lazy, and it is just an all-around mess that even a new home couldn’t fix.

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In documents posted to Reddit, it appears that Pedro could not take it anymore and he filed for divorce on May 27, 2022. The paperwork also showed a mutual restraining order and a motion for an emergency hearing.

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Fans were not shocked at all:

  • “He finally got a job where he doesn’t need her and that’s about all it took”
  • “Could absolutely tell he was seeing other people in the show that was filmed months ago.”

As for how it will all play out, that is anybody’s guess. This could be a way to keep people tuning in every week but who knows? Are you surprised by the news? Let us know in the comments and watch The Family Chantel Mondays on TLC.

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