‘The Family Chantel’ DRAMATIC Preview: Pedro Cheated On Wifey?

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The Family Chantel is less than a month from returning for Season 3. Yet, sparks are already flying for the new season. Admittedly, the 90 Day Fiance spin-off runs on dramatics and conflict. Now, it seems one of the issues Chantel and Pedro might be facing is infidelity- on his side.

The Family Chantel and A History of Cheating

The Family Chantel Credit: TLC
Credit: TLC

When the families get involved in this series, it always ends with a fight or tears. Chantel has her own familial issues. She and her sister Winter have butted heads when it comes to Winter’s weight. Winter never felt she was as pretty as Chantel simply because she struggled with her weight. Even after she lost fifty pounds, she debated weight loss surgery. Chantel simply felt her sister could just benefit from more time in the gym.

That is small potatoes compared to the cheating rumors Chantel and Pedro have faced. It all started back on 90 Day Fiance. Pedro had gone home to the Dominican Republic where he went out partying with some friends. There, he encountered Coraima. The biggest mistake, aside from dancing with her, was taking off his wedding ring so he appeared single.

He and Coraima have been friends for a long time and his buddy, she felt this moment was deeper than it may have been intended. However, they have a history of hanging out and it is not always innocent. This will rear its ugly head in an explosive preview for the upcoming season.

Pedro Goes Too Far?

In a clip released by TLC, the family is just hanging out and talking when Pedro’s sister, Nicole walks in. She is ready and raring to go with something to say. Without any hesitation, she announces that Pedro slept with Coraima. This leads to an all-out brawl where the police are eventually called. It has been pretty obvious from the beginning that Nicole does not want her brother with Chantel.

Credit: TLC
Credit: TLC

Nicole posts photos of her and Coraima all of the time, referring to her as her sister. So, this should come as no surprise to viewers. One follower said this: “Why is his sister so angry?” Yet, some do believe Nicole at this point, commenting: “Ok but why do I actually believe he did cheat?” There are a few who did not actually even know who Nicole was and why she came in dropping these bombs.

In the end, viewers will just have to tune in to see what exactly plays out and how the couple handles the allegations. Furthermore, how will they handle Nicole? What do you think of this news and do you believe Pedro was unfaithful? Let us know in the comments.

Do not miss the season premiere of The Family Chantel on October 11 on TLC.

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