‘DWTS’: Lindsay Arnold Shares How Her Toddler Takes After Her

Lindsay Arnold from Instagram

Dancing With The Stars fans can hardly believe that Lindsay Arnold’s little girl is almost two years old. The pro dancer sat out Season 29 because she was pregnant with her daughter. And now, Sage Jill Cusick is rapidly approaching her second birthday.

It’s pretty clear that Lindsay enjoys being a mom. She regularly posts updates about Sage on Instagram to share with her followers.

But it’s the latest video that has fans cracking up. Keep reading to learn more.

Lindsay Arnold’s latest baby video has followers rolling with laughter

Dancing With The Stars fans generally love learning about their favorite dancers. And Lindsay Arnold is always happy to share off photos and videos of her daughter Sage.

In the latest Instagram video, Lindsay told fans that her daughter acts exactly as she does. Could Sage be a mini-Lindsay in the making?

Lindsay Arnold/Instagram

It’s much too soon to know if Sage will be a great dancer, but she definitely takes after her mother in other ways.

“Told my toddler to blow on her hot food before eating it and this happened…” the 28-year-old dancer wrote her video. She asks Sage to blow on the macaroni before putting it in her mouth.

Lindsay Arnold/Instagram

And in response, Sage farts and giggles.

“She is most definitely my daughter…” Lindsay shared as a caption. Naturally, Lindsay’s friends had something to say about the hilarious video.

“OMG BRILLIANT! This is hall of fame brilliant!! YES Sagey 😂😂” Emma Slater wrote.


Did the video crack you up too? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments.

Is Season 31 in the cards for the Utah native?

Right now, Lindsay Arnold hasn’t said whether or not she plans to return to Dancing With The Stars this fall. After going through some major disappointments during Season 30, she might not be interested in coming back. However, fans really hope she will.

Lindsay’s best friend Witney Carson is already hard at work training for another season. But so far, Lindsay hasn’t said much yet. Does this mean she’s done?

Really, it could go either way.

Some fans thought that Lindsay possibly might sit out again if she happened to get pregnant. However, the So You Think You Can Dance alum said she isn’t ready to comment publically on her personal life and even shut down a fan for being too nosy.

No matter what happens next, fans will know in just a few more months.

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