‘The Family Chantel’ What Is Pedro Jimeno’s Net Worth 2022?

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Hailing from the Dominican Republic, the 30-year-old Pedro Jimeno is popular as the Chantel family’s son-in-law. From his stint in 90 Day Fiance to The Family Chantel, Pedro has become a household name among TLC fans. But, not everyone knows that being a reality TV star isn’t his only career option. He recently started his new career as a real estate agent.

So, how rich is Pedro Jimeno? What is his net worth? Keep reading to know everything there is to learn about Pedro.

Pedro Jimeno Starts His New Career As A Real Estate Agent

Pedro recently claimed that his estranged wife Chantel Jimeno (née Everett) took $257,000 from their account. Apart from his reality TV career that started in 2016, reports by InTouch Weekly confirm that Pedro was recently issued his real estate license. His role in real estate is that of a salesperson that started in July 2021 and is valid until 2025.

Pedro Jimeno YouTube

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The Family Chantel star works for Laura Delgado Realty as an agent. The company is based in Norcross, Georgia. As per the company’s website, the brokerage firm has successfully sold 919 properties with an average listing price of $450,000. There are no confirmations on exactly how much Pedro makes. However, the average real estate agent in Georgia can make about $70,166, as per the Zip Recruiter.

Pedro Shares His House With Estranged Wife Chantel

The reality star’s network is currently unknown. However, InTouch Weekly confirmed that he & his wife together bought a two-story house in Lawrenceville, Georgia. The 2,627-square-foot home was purchased in January 2022 at $290,000. The house has five bedrooms, a professionally landscaped lawn, and three & a half baths.

Pedro Jimeno YouTube

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On May 27, 2022, Pedro filed for divorce from Chantel, citing that their marriage was irretrievably broken. However, the confirmation came only yesterday. Moreover, the former couple also filed for a mutual restraining order as per information acquired from online court orders.

Pedro Sets Off To Find More About Estranged Father

During The Family Chantel Season 3, viewers saw Pedro set off to find out more about his estranged father, Pedro Sr. His father had an affair with Lidia Jimeno, his mother, while he was still married to another woman. When he met up with Niurka, the daughter of his father’s brother, in New York, he learned about heartbreaking secrets.

Pedro Jimeno YouTube

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He learned that his father never talked about him or his sister, Nicole. He also discovered that he has a brother with the same name. Although his cousin described Pedro Sr. as a loving father and a family man, the reality star was tearful that he never had that love in his life.

As of now, Pedro hasn’t yet met his father.

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  1. Most people seem to have forgotten that Chantal caused her family to hate Pedro by lying about his status, i.e, he is on a student visa. She forced him to keep her secret. Her family hated him once they knew the truth. They have accused him ever since of being a scammer despite the evidence that, through his actions, he has demonstrated that he is not. She keeps belittling him with, “I brought you here” outbursts periodically throughout their marriage. She has a ‘you-owe-me’ attitude and ‘you-should-be-grateful-to-me’ attitude. She went to his after work get to together with his coworkers and totally behave like a narcissist, embarrassing him immensely. He might have exasperatedtheirrift by not ring forthright with her whenchallenged. However, we don’t know how long has elapsed before we are seeing this stage in their marriage. She is being very vindictive taking ALL the money as opposed to taking half of what was there inclusive of his two large withdrawals he made. He had ample time to do what she did but he didn’t. That shows he is more honorable. She wants everything on her terms. Viewers say Pedro is guilty of something why he left when Chantal said she had called the police. Good for him because she is such a liar and a manipulator that he probably would have been unfairly arrested. Lastly, many of you ‘hate’ Pedro because he is an outsider, he is not American. For that reason, to use Jah’s phrase, he is a “bottom feeder”, he will always have to prove himself and yet will always be distrusted, always be labeled as a scammer, will always be at fault.

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