Fans Say Kris Jenner Has No Conscience & Exploits Grandkid In Latest Ad? [YouTube]

Fans Say Kris Jenner Has No Conscience & Exploits Grandkid In Latest Ad?

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Fans claim Kris Jenner has no conscience. They accused the matriarch of exploiting her grandkid in the latest ad. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, she appeared in a new commercial for Amazon. She made an appearance along with her granddaughter Dream Kardashian.

It’s an interesting move considering Kris’s son Rob Kardashian is a private man. He rarely shows his life with his daughter on social media. Fans are wondering why she appeared with Dream in the new ad. Some accused her of “profiting” off the 5-year-old.

Kris Jenner Accused Of Exploiting Her Grandkids? [CBS Sunday Morning | YouTube]
[CBS Sunday Morning | YouTube]

The Kardashians star appears in a new Amazon ad

The 66-year-old and her granddaughter appeared in a new ad for Amazon. You may have already come across them in your online travels. Kris Jenner and her granddaughter Dream interact in the commercial.

The two appear in the ad for two minutes for the retail giant. They appear in an ad for the new Amazon Glow interactive video tablet. It allows the two to interact and play games within the new system. At the start of the ad, Kris Jenner checks her table at “6:56 am” from “somewhere in California.”

She logs on for her “3rd meeting of the day.” Then, she joins Dream who uses her own tablet to communicate with her grandmother.

Kris Jenner's Amazon Glow Ad [Amazon Glow | YouTube]
[Amazon Glow | YouTube]
“Hi Dream! Thanks so much for squeezing me in this morning,” Kris Jenner smiled as she spoke to the adorable little girl.

“What are you up to, Lovey?” Dream asks her famous grandmother.

“I’m working really hard at getting my summer glow on,” Kris said.

The duo played a game called “Memory Match.” The reality star joked that she can name “all of my children and almost all of my grandchildren.” Kris asked Dream what she’s been up to lately. The little girl responded, “Just living life.”

Dream Kardashian & Kris Jenner's Amazon Ad [Amazon Glow | YouTube]
[Amazon Glow | YouTube]
Kris Jenner wore a white dress that featured green polka dots. Meanwhile, Dream wore a pink dress. She then threw on a pair of star-shaped, rose-tinted sunglasses. The two then played a game of “Whack-A-Mole” while Kris taught her some lessons.

“And here’s the most important lesson of all — nothing beats family,” Kris Jenner said. “Getting to spend time like this with you that’s the secret to my glow.” Dream responded with her grandmother’s iconic line, “You’re doing amazing, sweetie.”

Fans slam Kris Jenner for “exploiting” her granddaughter

Fans called the new ad “cute but disturbing.” They couldn’t believe that Kris Jenner encouraged Dream to utter the same words she said to her daughter Kim Kardashian at her Playboy shoot. Other fans accused Kris of “exploiting” her granddaughter. Most of them flocked to Reddit to speak about the new ad.

  • “Kris about to make her a Disney kid.”
  • “This is adorable but also they’re monetizing this kid’s childhood which is gross.”
  • “Very cute until the aggressive close-up on Kris at 1:35 lol.”
  • “Also maybe I’m reading too much into it but the ‘doing amazing sweetie’ line is from Kim’s Playboy shoot and it felt icky to hear a little girl say it.”
  • “I’ve said it for years, they’re gonna pimp that kid out so much.”

Other fans blamed Rob and Blac Chyna for allowing this to happen. Dream’s parents have been involved in a legal battle of their own. Chyna dragged the entire Kardashian family to court. The entire jury ruled in favor of the family and dismissed Chyna’s claims that they interfered with her reality TV career.

What are your thoughts on Kris Jenner’s new ad? Do you think it’s cute? Or, do you find it creepy? Sound off below in the comment section.

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