‘I Love A Mama’s Boy’ SPOILER: Are Ethan & Leyna Still Together?

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The latest episode of I Love A Mama’s Boy introduced a new mother/son duo. Esther and Ethan have a very interesting relationship. Yet there is one additional factor. Ethan has a fiancee named Leyna but can they make it down the aisle despite how close he is to his mama? Read on to find out where they stand.

Ethan And Esther Define I Love A Mama’s Boy

If fans thought that Kelly and Matt were too close for comfort, Ethan and Esther are giving them a run for their money. They are extremely close as he is her baby. Though she has four sons, Ethan is the first one out of all of them to get married. Therefore, this is a huge moment for her. Not a lot has really been revealed about them other than they have a very unique relationship that is cringeworthy. Their debut puts them at a dance center for lessons. They want to be prepared for their mother/son dance at Ethan’s wedding. Yet, it is his choice of song that even makes the dance instructor uncomfortable. They are dancing to Sexual Healing and Ethan wants the dance to be romantic, sensual, and sexual.

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When they start to move, he is overly touchy-feely and, at first glance, it seems that they are a couple. His fiancee, Leyna admits that she has some jealousies when it comes to his relationship with Esther. He gives her compliments that she never hears herself. Plus, she is hijacking a lot of their engagement party and wedding plans. He wants Leyna to know that he loves her and wants to be with but it is really hard. Esther wants to always be put first and with how overtly close they are, is there room for Leyna? Or will this just end up like Matt and Kimberly all over again?

Still Together?

The way that Esther and Ethan behaved together was a bit much. He even notes that he wants her to walk him down the aisle naked. How can Leyna possibly stick around, no matter how much she loves him when he might love his mother more? Now, it is vital that a man loves his mother. Many say the way a man treats his mother is a reflection of how he will treat his partner. Yet when it pushes a limit, should the partner actually stick around? It appears Leyna has found some common ground, according to her Instagram. She is in full wedding prep mode and has been posting the build-up.

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At the end of May, Leyna shared photos from her bridal shower. In one pic, it appears that the two are set to get married on September 4th of this year. Ethan is seen sitting with her as they open shower gifts and, of course, Esther is posing with them in a family photo. Leyna did take the time to put up a promo post for the show but that was followed by a date night. At this point, it seems she and Ethan are in it for the long haul. As to how the rest of the season with the three of them will play out, that is anybody’s guess.

Are you surprised they are still together? Let us know in the comments and watch I Love A Mama’s Boy Sundays on TLC.


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  1. For one thing none of those mommy’s boy are a good looking. Their are Super freaks and Kim last week I would of Kick that dirt bike right out from under. Her &. I know for Certain If. It’s. Legal. all those Sons will make love to their mommy’s and have a Clone of them

  2. I have honestly never seen such wimpy men and obsessive, controlling mothers. I get mad watching. So stpid. ,others, et ypur sons grow up

  3. I can’t believe these “Mama’s Boys” are so attached to their Mother’s that they can’t have a normal relationship with another woman. This is sick to say the least. Ethan and his Mother are really disgusting with all of the sexual overtones. Matt’s mother ran Kim off, and she was a loving, caring lady. I think they would have had a good marriage if Matt’s mother would have given them some space. I hope Kim will find love with someone who is a normal guy!

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