‘I Love A Mama’s Boy’: Esther & Ethan Bring On The Cringe Factor

I Love A Mama's Boy/TLC

Two episodes of the new season of I Love A Mama’s Boy have already aired. There are five mother/son duos but only four have been featured. This will all change in episode three when Ethan and his mother Esther are introduced. They have a very interesting dynamic and might give Kelly and Matt a run for their money.

I Love A Mama’s Boy, Season 3’s Finest So Far

The new season has really just begun but it is already filled with drama and craziness. Matt McAdams and his mother, Kelly are back once again but this time, Kimberly is gone. They claim that they are closer than ever since the engagement ended. Having gone through the heartbreak together allowed them to connect. She would bring him comfort food to make sure he was okay but now he is seeing someone behind her back. Kelly will be extraordinarily hard on the new girlfriend so time will tell if she will get her approval. Shekeb and Laila have also returned yet he has moved in with Emily. Though he is on his own, Laila still hates Emily and is conspiring to get her son away and with a new lady of her choosing.

I Love A Mama's Boy/TLC

Newcomer Nancy is despised by most viewers. She hates her son Robert’s wife Kristy so much that she has convinced him to get a DNA test on their daughter, Kimberly. This is all happening right before Robert’s big MMA fight that could get him in UFC. It could jeopardize his career and his marriage. Finally, Tre and his girlfriend Abbey have been together for years. Yet they cannot truly get close because of his mama Leondra. She has made it so she does absolutely everything for him so that Abbey never even has a chance. Can and will these men ever stand up to their mothers enough to prove love to their women?

Time For Some New Blood

Ethan and his mother Esther were in the previews for the new season but have never appeared. In all fairness, they are not really necessary. Then again, the Nancy/Robert DNA drama cannot go on forever. Plus, how long can Kelly make Matt’s new girlfriend, Brittany uncomfortable?  In any case, the new mother/son duo is finally getting introduced in the latest episode but TLC released a short clip of them. They are awkward and strange, to say the least. Esther and Ethan are at a dance studio to prepare for the mother/son dance and he explains what they are looking for.

I Love A Mama's Boy/TLC

He wants it to be sensual, sexual, and romantic. Does he realize he is dancing with his mom? Ethan’s song of choice is “Sexual Healing” so Esther said, “make it memorable.” During the session, his fiancee Leyna comes in and has to turn away though she admits she knew very early on how close Ethan was to his mom. She shares that the flirting does bother her and that she does get jealous, which is weird to her. He definitely talks to his mother in a more intimate manner than he does Leyna and that is crossing a boundary.

Can the three of them co-exist and will Ethan ease up on his touchy-touchy relationship with Esther? Watch I Love A Mama’s Boy Sundays on TLC.

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