‘I Love A Mama’s Boy’ Season 3 Episode 2 Recap- June 26

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Last week on the Season 3 premiere of I Love A Mama’s Boy, most of the cast was (re)introduced. Matt revealed that he and his mother Kelly were closer than ever since his breakup. Though he was heartbroken by the end of his engagement with Kimberly, he knew they were not a match. Now, he has a new flame but is reluctant to introduce her to his mom, for obvious reasons. Shekeb moved in with Emily though Laila still wants him to meet another woman. She does not trust Emily and won’t come to the apartment to bless it if she is there.

Newcomer Robert’s mother Nancy does not like his wife, Kristy. Plus, she thinks that his daughter Kimberly does not look like him so she feels a DNA test is in order. Finally, Tre and Lorenda are so close that she mows his lawn and makes his breakfast but she does not live with him. It is getting to his baby mama Abbey and they may not make it. How will the mama drama plat out this week?

Tre’s Got A Surprise On I Love A Mama’s Boy

It is Lorenda’s birthday and Valentine’s Day so Tre is up at 3 am to go to work. First, he stops to surprise his mama and sing to her, as well. Abbey is off at the boutique she works at. It is her best friend’s shop and Abbey does not sell there but is actually the model. She always wanted to be a model and her friend felt she would be perfect for all of the clothes. They are chatting as she poses and she reveals that Tre is not taking her out for dinner on vday but rather his mother. She knows that it is Lorenda’s birthday but Abbey and Tre have never gone out to dinner for the holiday. It has been noted that Tre seems to be in two different relationships. However, he is a charmer and does have a way with Abbey’s co-workers.

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They ask him what he is doing on Valentin’s Day and he says he is going out with his mom so he asks if she wants to come. She says “yes” but he feels she has to understand the circumstances. He tells her he will talk to Lorenda and she will have the final say in the matter. When he is with his mom for dinner, he brings her flowers but there is no Abbey. He admits he chickened out asking his mom and his mom tells the camera there is no room for her. At dinner, he asks Lorenda what she thinks of Abbey but she seems to think she’s lazy and wants her to really maintain a home. She reminds him he does not need a woman because he has her.

Shekeb Will Do Anything For Laila

He is so excited to be in a good place with Emily but Shekeb feels bad moving out and not telling his mom. It is very important that Laila come by and bless the new apartment. The only way she will do this is if he meets up with a young lady of her choosing so he has agreed to do this. Yes, Shekeb feels guilt about meeting Yussra but he is doing what needs to be done. As for Yussra, when she came to America she was told that Laila would be her mom here. In her mind, Laila is just the sweetest person in the world. She also knows that Laila would like her and Shekeb to date plus she respects his relationship with his mom.

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He feels that she is very much like him, it is like talking to himself. Yussra is actually shocked that Shekeb and Emily are still together and had no idea he was not single. Shekeb and Emily are driving so he asks if they can stop at his mom’s home. She says she does not want to go in but he admits to the camera he has thought about Yussra from time to time. At the home, he tells Laila that he enjoyed meeting her but now Laila must come to bless the apartment. She is now saying she won’t come if Emily is there. When they drive away, Laila comments that they crazy girl is taking away her son.

Nancy’s I Love A Mama’s Boy Drama

Robert walked out of lunch with his mama and his brother after she said something about him getting a DNA test. He lets her know that this is too much for his plate, especially right before his big fight. Though he believes Kimberly is his, he just does not want to deal with all of this. It seems he would rather do the test than stand up to his mother. Robert is wrestling with the DNA stuff so he just heads to his MMA training. This is messing him up in a lot of ways and his trainer is started to get scared. He reminds him that he has three weeks until this fight so he needs to pull himself together. Now he opens up to his trainer, something he never usually does.

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His trainer wants to know why this would be brought up before a fight and knows that his mom loves him. However, she does not clearly feel the same way about his kids. If he does not win the fight, he could lose his career. Kristy and Robert are now going on a date but he is going to bring up the test. She is stunned that they have to do this for his mom and when they prove her wrong, what will be next? Kristy is just as mad at Robert for placating his mom because she wants to control him. She is not intimidated by Nancy and that is the problem. The date is ruined and their marriage is in question.

Kelly And Matt Take It To The Grave & Tre Messes Up

It is a lovely day for Matt and Kelly to see where they will be laid to rest. The plot they are picking has to be big enough for Kelly, Matt, and his dad so they are measuring. Yet, Matt wants to talk to her about Brittany since they have been dating behind her back and now it’s time to rip the band-aid off. He breaks the news and she starts joking about it but says she will keep an open mind. Matt then jokes that they maybe should get four plots instead of three. Then Kelly lays down and wants to know more about her like when she will get to meet Brittany but admits she is playing hardball this time. He does not want his mom to ruin this for him yet she says they are in it together.

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Lorenda and Tre return home after dinner and he thinks he can make it right with Abbey by bringing her chicken alfredo. She is more upset that she never heard back from Tre after he said he would talk to his mom. Abbey asked if she would get Valentine’s dinner but Lorenda is adamant that this day is over and always for her. She also reminds Tre that his mom came to her birthday dinner so he says to take it up with Lorenda. It then comes out that Tre never got Abbey flowers like he did his mama.

Next time, Robert just wants Nancy and Kristy to get along but it’s a struggle. Ethan and his mama are introduced while Laila and Emily come face to face. Finally, Kelly meets Brittany for the first time and it’s embarrassing. Watch I Love A Mama’s Boy Sundays on TLC.

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