‘I Love A Mama’s Boy’ Season 3 Episode 3 Recap- July 3

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Last week on I Love A Mama’s Boy, Kelly took Matt to the cemetery. She wanted him to see where she would be laid to rest. Yet she added there should be room for three. Apparently, the plot is for her, her husband, and Matt. Over the picnic she set up for her and Matt, he shared that he has been seeing someone and would like them to meet. Kelly may not be quite ready for this. Robert took Kristy to dinner to ask her how she feels about tests. He then brought up the idea of a DNA test and this actually may interfere with his fight and his marriage.

Laila set Shekeb up with her good friend’s daughter and they got along so well. She is desperate to get him away from Emily and he actually had a good time. Finally, Tre took his mother out for Valentine’s Day dinner as it is also her birthday. The lack of effort he puts into his relationship with Abbey is now taking a toll. Can they all make it work?

How Can Emily Deal With Laila On I Love A Mama’s Boy?

Emily knows that Shekeb and his mom are struggling right now and she feels really bad. They are unwed but living together so she wants to make it right. Therefore, she heads to Laila’s with plants as an olive branch. This is suspicious for Laila as she finds Emily to be a demon but it is crucial to Shekeb that his mother come and bless the new apartment. Emily explains that these plants are a peace offering as she ruined her plants the last time. However, Laila does not care and refuses the gifts but Emily wants equal respect. Laila asks her to leave and just go home so Emily drops the flowers on the porch and exits.

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For Laila, this is not a genuine apology and that is why she has been pushing Yussra on Shekeb. Ultimately, she does take the plants inside. Laila is finally coming by Shekeb’s apartment to bless it but he has told Emily to stay away. This is huge as the last time she came to visit him was when he was married but she already hates the dogs. She did not bring the proper blessings and then Emily showed up. They try to find a common ground based on loving Shekeb though she still prefers Yussra.

What Is Kristy To Do?

After Robert dropped the paternity test bomb on Kristy, she is having a girl’s night out. She cannot believe this and feels really disrespected. Kristy tells her friends about what Robert told her on their date night, the one night without their children. They cannot believe he would have even brought it up to her. It appears she is trying to erase his family which is not his mom or siblings. Her friends are amazed that she has kept her composure as long as she has. They would have exploded in her position, which is entirely understandable. Due to Robert’s big fight, she is trying to be amicable and keep the paternity on the backburner. Nancy is meeting Robert for lunch but he is not home so it leaves her with Kristy.

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Kristy won’t say anything to her MIL at all at this point. Nancy has such venom towards Kristy that she just wants the test so it can get Robert away from her. Robert does not understand why Kristy is mad, looking at her like a broken record. He feels he needs to defend his mom to keep the peace but it is not working.

Brittany Meets Kelly On I Love A Mama’s Boy

Kelly is throwing a small fiesta so that she can “scope” out Brittany, Matt’s new girlfriend. She already knows how hardcore Kelly is so this is already stressful. Kelly just stands there, sipping her drink and staring Brittany down. Brittany admits that it was uncomfortable. Kelly shares that she was pretty and seems nice but she will have to earn her way into the family. Soon, Kelly says that she has a surprise for them and then she breaks out grass skirts. Well, one skirt specifically for Brittany as she wants to see how she rolls with the punches. Kelly proceeds to ask questions and take notes, one of them being how close is too close when it comes to mother/son relationships.

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She asks if Brittany would sign a prenup to which she asks Kelly if she signed one. This completely shocks Kelly that anyone would challenge her. Kelly feels she is a tad snarky and that is offputting. Luckily, she gave some good answers on children that pacified Kelly for the time being. Apparently, Matt did not date a lot prior to Kimberly but he feels his mom went a tad too far. Moma and son do love their self-care so they are getting their couples massage which has taken the masseuses aback. Kelly liked Brittany but thought she was too “lippy.” She did not like the fact that she would consider moving out of state but that would be a long way off.

The Arrival Of Ethan And Esther

Ethan has no problem saying he has a hot mom and they are quite affectionate. Esther admits she needs to have him around all of the time, even to grab his breakouts. She has four sons but he is the first one to get married and his fiancee is named Leyna. Esther adores his fiancee and now they are off to practice the mother/son dance. However, Ethan wants to dance to “Sexual Healing” and it is a bit scandalous the way he is moving with her. Leyna and Ethan got engaged in 2020 and this is a dream for Leyna but Esther is pretty much in control of everything. It’s a tad much.

Next time, Abbey asks Leondra to not come by as much while Shekeb tells Emily about Yussra. Leyna goes to bat with Esther over wedding plans. Finally, Brittany and Matt spend their first night at his place but will Kelly make it too awkward? Watch I Love A Mama’s Boy Sundays on TLC.


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