Critical Chris Marek Says Zach Roloff Can’t Get The Job Done?

Zach Roloff and Chris Marek

Amy Roloff tells LPBW fans that her husband Chris Marek is a great man, but he is also a critical perfectionist. During tonight’s episode of Little People, Big World, Amy and Chris venture to Tori and Zach’s home to see their new sandbox. Turns out, Zach Roloff put a lot of hard work into building the sandbox and was very proud to show off his first project on the property. Amy, however, feared her critical husband might discourage her son. Chris Marek disagreed with his wife noting there was a difference between being a perfectionist and expecting the job to be done correctly.

Warning: This article contains spoilers from LPBW Season 23, Episode 8 “Break in the Matrix” 

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Is Chris Marek a critical perfectionist?

Amy Roloff claims that her husband Chris Marek is an incredible man. She, however, admits that he has a bit of an issue with being a perfectionist. As TvShowsAce previously reported, Chris Marek came off as being extremely critical when he initially admitted he wasn’t too impressed with Tori and Zach’s home. Chris Marek has a very successful career in the real estate market. So, he doesn’t consider himself to be a perfectionist. He just considers himself to be someone who appreciates a good job and has an attention to detail. Chris Marek even fired back at his wife noting that he wasn’t a perfectionist. He, however, saw nothing wrong with expecting a job to be done properly.

With the sandbox Zach Roloff built for his children, Chris Marek tells him he did a great job. Zach pointed out a few cracks in the top and Chris Marek was quick to school him on the fact that the cracks would just continue to get worse. Fortunately, Chris also knew how to fix the problem and he was more than willing to help Zach get the job done the right way.

Talking to the camera, Chris Marek admitted he was a bit giddy at the opportunity to teach Zach something he knew about.


Did Matt Roloff stunt his son Zach?

Amy Roloff tells the cameras she was thrilled to see Chris Marek working with her son Zach to get the sandbox constructed properly. Amy explained that Matt Roloff was huge on building projects. She, however, felt that Zach got the raw end of the deal a large portion of the time. According to Amy Roloff, Jeremy Roloff was “better” and “faster” and doing projects because he was a full-size child. Amy believed this created a bit of an issue with Matt favoring Jeremy. So, Zach didn’t get to learn as much building with his father as Jeremy did. So, she really loves seeing Chris and Zach bond in this manner.

Matt Roloff Creates Tension With Zach [TLC | YouTube]
[TLC | YouTube]
Do you understand why Amy Roloff was so concerned about what Chris Marek would say to her son? Moreover, do you agree with what Amy had to say about Matt favoring Jeremy when it comes to building projects? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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