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‘LPBW’ Caryn Chandler Won’t Live In Matt Roloff’s Big House?

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After the negotiation fell through between Matt and his son Zach Roloff, the patriarch of the family was put in a tough position. He wasn’t getting younger. And, Roloff Farms was A LOT of work to maintain. Would he even be able to pass on his legacy to one of his children? During tonight’s episode of LPBW, Matt Roloff finally sheds some light on future plans for the property. Keep reading for spoilers.

Warning: This article contains spoilers from LPBW Season 23, Episode 8 “Break in the Matrix” 

Roloff Farms pumpkin patch
Roloff Farms Pumpkin season logo/Credit: TLC YouTube

Will Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler move into the “big house”?

Early on in the episode, Matt Roloff explained that moving into the big house and living there for the remainder of his days would save him so much money. He, however, had to get Caryn Chandler on board with the idea. Previously, this wasn’t something Caryn wanted to do. He, however, hoped she would take a second look. Evaluate the situation. And, see if she was open to the idea. Caryn Chandler admits that she didn’t want to shut down what Matt wanted to do. Walking into the home, however, she points out that it definitely feels like Matt Roloff.

LPBW fans understand why Caryn might not want to live out the rest of her days in the home. After all, this is where Matt Roloff lived with Amy. They raised their children together in this house. So, there is a lot of history in the home. And, Caryn might not want to try to compete with that or live in a pool of memories from Matt’s previous marriage.

LPBW - Caryn chandler - Matt Roloff Youtube
LPBW – Caryn chandler – Matt Roloff Youtube

Does any of his children even want Roloff Farms?

Also early on in the episode, Matt Roloff reveals that he made a decision to list some of the property on the market. Matt explained that he sent an email out to the entire family. He explained his plans. He told the family this was their last chance to put in an offer on the property if anyone wanted to snag it. Matt Roloff added that there were “crickets” in response to the email. With no one in the family expressing a remote interest in buying some of Roloff Farms, he was really left with no choice but to put it on the market.

Ultimately, Caryn Chandler shuts down the idea of living in the big house. So, Matt Roloff is left with no choice but to consider selling a chunk of the property. The TLC personality, however, was adamant that he tried to make things work with both Jeremy and Zach. He, however, didn’t think his boys were that serious about managing a pumpkin patch.

Little People Big World - Matt Roloff- Caryn Chandler
Little People Big World – Matt Roloff- Caryn Chandler

How do you feel about Roloff Farms leaving the family? Do you understand why Caryn Chandler shut down the idea of moving into the “big house”? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more LPBW.

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  1. On S23 , E8
    When Matt and his girlfriend where talking about building his new house and wanted her input and she said build it how you want it !
    Makes me think she doesn’t have a long term plan with Matt?

    1. She has a long term plan to be with her partner and soul mate as she has said in interviews.. I’m not going to give any input in his house and have it come back on me. Matt told us all she was his partner forever so he wanted her help in picking things she’d like in the house. Matt has long term plans with her. He was trying to give Amy time to adjust and move on and gave her a FREE ride on her wedding. Everyone needs to just cool their jets they will get Married after Amy he said. I feel like Caryn is good for Matt. I know she truly loves his grandkids and cares about his kids. As adults they’ve made it hard on her being with Matt. Especially Zach and Tori.

  2. The kids left the farm a long time ago and niw just want a play place for their kids, but at the end of the day, they expect Matt to keep running it. Amy has to stop going there for her walks, and she also has to stop Chris from being friends with Matt. She made her decision when she took close to 1M dollar pay out. Now her and Chris are enjoying the benefits of that. It’s time for everyone to move on and for TLC to stop paying Z&T, A&C, and M&C way. Zach and Tori also need to go out and find real jobs to pay their way now.

    1. First of all Amy has more money then Matt. And Matt is a ass. Two of his kids wanted to run the fram and the house. But Matt wanted top dollar. He could have made a deal with the two boys and got royalties every year. But no he has to be a ass

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