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Robyn Brown Even Swigs Milk Like A Bad Guy?

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Sister Wives fans generally have complaints when it comes to Robyn Brown. But now, some fans even think she drinks milk “like a villain.”

What exactly are they talking about?

Keep reading to learn the latest gossip surrounding Kody Brown’s fourth wife.

Sister Wives fans think the way Robyn Brown drinks milk is odd

In a new Reddit thread, Sister Wives fans were debating whether or not Robyn Brown is the series’ true villain. The original poster uploaded a screenshot of the TLC star holding a glass of milk and saying she doesn’t usually let Kody out of her sight.

Many fans determined that she was indeed the villain, but they also thought the way she drank milk is sinister.

One fan wrote that she’s always drinking milk in the earlier seasons. Someone else added, “I’m glad this is [the] top comment. I was about to say the fact that she is drinking a straight cup of milk is the exact kind of villain behavior I’d expect from her.”

Robyn Brown/TLC

“I say this as someone who loved milk growing up, even through middle school, I don’t get people who just drink milk 🤮” wrote another Redditor.

It’s not immediately clear how drinking a glass of milk makes someone a villain. But Sister Wives fans seemed to all agree that the situation added to their dislike for Robyn.

Have you ever noticed Robyn Brown’s milk addiction while watching the show? Be sure to leave your own thoughts and opinions in the comments.

Redditors think the TLC star is pretending for the cameras

Milk aside, many Sister Wives fans genuinely believe that Robyn Brown has a pretty dark side. She may portray herself as caring and genuine, but a lot of viewers don’t buy it. In fact, some would go as far as to say she’s a “diabolical mastermind.”

Sister Wives/TLC

According to one Reddit user, Robyn stole Kody Brown away from his three other wives — and she did it rather easily.

“…her con job happened in small increments and compounding decisions over time and it didn’t require an incredibly detailed master plan upfront,” the OP said. “In many ways, relationship dynamics are simple. Blow smoke up Kody’s ass, give him s*x, stroke his ego, talk sh*t about the other wives, make the two of you seem like the only team, defend Kody at family meetings, never directly oppose another wife’s plans or wishes at family meetings but save that for private time with Kody, make your ideas seem like Kody’s ideas, cry when out of options or exposed, etc. It’s really all quite simple. Especially when the wives all trusted you in good faith for 10 years to be like them. Robyn isn’t smart, just willing.”

Do you agree? Share your own ideas in the comments.

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  1. I think sobyn is a very devil in 🥸 and only cares about her self, she got what she wanted and now she wants the others gone.

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