Tyra Banks Teases Big News, Ditching ‘DWTS’?

Tyra Banks from Instagram

Will Tyra Banks come back to Dancing With The Stars? That’s a question that many fans have been mulling over for months.

Rumor has it that she’s definitely out as an executive producer and that means her stint as a hostess is likely over too. Several judges confirmed they will be back for Season 31. But Tyra Banks hasn’t said much yet.

Now, the model is teasing a brand new project, adding fuel to the rumors that her DWTS days are over.

What’s exactly going on?

Tyra Banks throws herself into a brand new mega project

Most Dancing With The Stars fans don’t agree with the show’s decision to fire Tom Bergeron and replace him with Tyra Banks. The decision was so wildly unpopular that many fans wouldn’t even give her a chance. Other fans kept watching but quickly realized they just weren’t loving Tyra as hostess.

And two seasons later, it appears that the network noticed too.

Tyra Banks/ABC

“The problem is, she just didn’t fit in,” a source reportedly told The Sun back in April. “She didn’t fit in with producers and she didn’t fit with the audience and it showed.”

Now, Tyra Banks has her sights set on a new project which leads some fans to believe that the rumors about her departure are true. She recently teased an upcoming project on her Instagram page entitled, “ModelLand.”

According to ModelLand’s website, it’s a “multi-sensorial experience” and appears to offer classes for people pursuing modeling. The website has a lot of missing information at the moment, but it looks like a pretty hefty project that will take up a lot of time, energy, and resources. This very well could be Tyra’s next big project if DWTS falls through after all.

What does this mean for the future of DWTS?

So if Tyra Banks really is leaving Dancing With The Stars, who will host?

No one knows yet, as the show hasn’t made a formal announcement yet. But the show did rehire Conrad Green as an executive producer. He was an EP when DWTS first launched and was responsible for creating a lot of the magic that viewers fell in love with.

Dancing With The Stars/Instagram

Now that Conrad Green is back in charge, he will probably have a lot of say over who takes over hosting duties. Some fans believe this will mean Tom Bergeron will return, but they shouldn’t hold their breath. Bergeron adamantly said he would never set foot on the DWTS stage ever again.

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Check back and see what happens next.

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